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Ismail Sirdah Shares Helpful Tools for Event Promoters

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Event Promoter Ismail Sirdah of Duluth, Georgia, is the owner of Lulu Promotions serving the greater Atlanta area. Before event promotions, Mr. Sirdah was a hospitality entrepreneur and developed a talent for relationship management, particularly among Spanish-speaking communities. While a restauranteur, Ismail began donating his time to help industry peers master event promotion. He shares 11 event promotion tools to help professionals make the most of their next event.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace, or Google Suite, is not strictly an event promotion tool, per se. However, promoters understand the heartache associated with notes on scraps of paper or key emails buried deep in one’s inbox.

In many ways, Google Workspace is the cloud alternative to Microsoft Office, except that it is more affordable and includes more productivity app selection, such as spreadsheets, video conferencing, word publishing, instant messaging, and much, much more. Team members can jot notes or build content and designs before sharing that information with colleagues over the web, says Ismail Sirdah.


Slack takes the idea of instant messaging and puts it in hyperdrive. A social media platform built especially for professionals, team members can integrate hundreds of productivity apps (including Google Workspace), break out into groups, and respond in real-time fashion.


Social media is essential to event promotion in the 21st Century, says Ismail Sirdah. Not only should promoters share regular posts on leading channels, but they should also track user-generated content that may be relevant to an upcoming event.


For event promoters, Eventbrite is the closest that any tool comes to being a “one-stop shop” for basic event planning. Users can create and manage an event from start to finish, including landing page design, digital RSVPs, analytics, ticket sales, and more.

Additionally, says Ismail Sirdah, Eventbrite supplies POS capabilities for the event and its participants. It also integrates with all leading social media channels so that promoters can share event details easily.

Facebook Live and IGTV

Virtual events are growing more popular as a result of COVID-19 and brands wanting to extend their reach beyond their region. One of the best free tools for broadcasting events online is Facebook Live and its Instagram counterpart IGTV.

Ismail Sirdah on Calendly

For networking events and industry conferences, a critical component of a successful event is the ability for participants to follow-up with one another during and after the event. Calendly is an automatic scheduling software for professionals to book one-on-one meetings with prospects.

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