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itel Celebrates Grand Opening of its New Site in Kingston

Unveils Employee-Centred Design of US$7M facility
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itel, an award-winning customer experience provider founded in Jamaica, celebrated the grand opening of its newest site located on Chalmers Avenue in Kingston with an event held on May 25. Next month itel celebrates its 10-year anniversary and this is its second location in the capital city. The Most Hon. Andrew Holness, ON, PC, MP, Prime Minister, gave the keynote speech to commemorate the evening.

Inspired by the modern sleekness of Silicon Valley and the breathtaking landscapes of the Caribbean, Chalmers is a 90,000 sq. ft facility with ergonomic workspaces and stunning environmental design and aesthetics that seek to elevate the senses and inspire all who enter its doors.

itel Founding Chairman and CEO, Yoni Epstein explains, “We are proud to say we have built a world-class state-of-the-art facility that marries beautiful artistic design with functionality, security, and employee experience at the fore. We have unveiled the finest contact center, and perhaps the finest corporate building, in Jamaica, and one that can rival any facility in the world.”

Construction of the space commenced in 2020, and despite supply-chain challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, itel stayed the course and operations began in March of 2022. The building currently houses 825 employees and provides 1,140 seats, for a total employee capacity of 1,400. At maximum capacity, the site will annually contribute U$60 million to the local economy. This year, Chalmers Commercial (The landlords) will begin construction on a second building for itel on the adjacent lot, which will launch in 2023.

The Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, noted the significant contribution that entrepreneurs, like Epstein, make in the local economy and country as whole. He highlighted itel’s importance as a job creator. “Yoni who has made the investment to put in the computer systems, to train the people, to offer the services of the global service industry and the knowledge service industry. The people who are employed here will earn a wage. They will earn a salary and that’s all private, but Jamaica has benefitted so significantly.”

itel celebrates its 10-year anniversary next month.

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