Chatbots, Conversational AI Releases IvyQuantum™ Chatbot Powered by GPT

After providing chatbots to hundreds of organizations, IvyQuantum™ is being released to democratize chatbots with a point-and-click solution available for all., Inc., providers of chatbots and omnichannel communications platforms, today announced the launch of their newest product, IvyQuantum™, the first generative chatbot powered entirely by organization-specific data.

After years of providing chatbots to higher education, healthcare, and public sector organizations, developed an upgraded platform to address the demands for innovation in communication across all industries. IvyQuantum™ is the first chatbot powered by GPT to utilize the organization’s specific knowledge sources – web properties, pdf’s, spreadsheets, and more – in order to solve for GPT hallucinations while ensuring there are accurate, consistent resources available to customers all hours of the day, every day of the year.

“We’re really excited about the value IvyQuantum™ will bring to organizations as they look to address staffing shortages and diminishing customer satisfaction,” said CEO and Co-Founder, Mark McNasby. “What we are providing is light years beyond anything else that we’ve seen on the market in terms of the deliberate integration of GPT, accuracy and consistency of information the bots are able to provide, and IvyQuantum™’s ability to create a unified customer experience across the most important communication channels.”

IvyQuantum details:

  • All IvyQuantum™ bots are powered by GPT within QuantumBrain, Ivy’s proprietary AI stack, incorporating both retrieval and generative AI models. QuantumBrain incorporates GPT-3 to maximize the volume of true answers for end users and gives a human tone to the bot response.
  • QuantumMail is available as a Google Chrome Plug-In or Microsoft Outlook Add-In that will enable your bot to read and draft responses to inbound emails using the knowledge within your bot’s brain.
  • QuantumVoice integrates the IvyQuantum™ bot with the telephony system of choice to have the bot answer natural language questions via phone.
  • An upgrade to Ivy’s original SMS platform, QuantumSMS powers outbound or inbound campaigns and includes a drag-and-drop flow builder. End users are able to respond and communicate with either the bot or engage a live agent in a 1:1 SMS exchange.
  • QuantumConnect addresses the need to easily scale the use of existing systems across the organization by integrating them with the IvyQuantum™ bot to provide a more personalized user experience and give organizations another mechanism for capturing leads.
  • No maintenance due to the bot’s daily recrawl of the organization’s knowledge sources, resulting in up-to-date information without manual intervention.
  • Comprehensive data and analytics are available on-demand within individual custom-built Administrative Portals.

According to McNasby’s Co-Founder and CTO, Michal (ME-hal) Oglodek, “Good customer service should be available around the clock without requiring additional manpower or expense on the part of the organization. We believe IvyQuantum™ is the autonomous support that businesses and consumers alike have been looking for.”

IvyQuantum™ launches April 3, 2023 with a full-feature seven-day free trial. Visit to join the live launch event (April 3 at 12 pm EST) or register for the free trial, which will be available at the conclusion of the launch event.

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