IZEA Announces Disclosure Engine for Generative AI Content

IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), the premier provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for the world’s leading brands and agencies, today announced it has created a new tool to enable programmatic labeling and disclosure of AI-generated content, which will be included as part of a new set of AI content creation tools to be offered on in the coming months. The tools will allow marketers and creators to produce images and social media-optimized text using a variety of AI services and technologies with a single click.

The new tool, currently in private testing, will provide users with the option to visibly watermark AI-generated images and tag AI-generated text with simple disclosures that are easy to understand. The outputs from the system are designed to clearly indicate that the content being viewed has been generated by artificial intelligence.

“We are incredibly excited about the opportunities for AI to transform how content is conceptualized and created, for both brands and influencers,” said Ted Murphy, Founder and CEO of IZEA. “At the same time, we must all acknowledge the potential issues surrounding trust, transparency, and authenticity. Our goal in developing a disclosure engine for AI content is to bring the topic of disclosure to the forefront, prompting users of our platform to consider whether a disclosure is appropriate given the intended use case and style of the content they are generating.”

IZEA has a long history of trailblazing disruptive content practices while helping to establish the frameworks for trust and transparency needed to gain mass adoption. In 2006, IZEA launched the first influencer marketing platform — pioneering the creation of the industry. Later that year, the company created the first disclosure policy for sponsored social media content, requiring that all customers disclose endorsements. In 2009, IZEA became the first company to create a programmatic disclosure engine for Sponsored Tweets and worked with federal regulators to establish disclosure guidelines for the influencer marketing industry at large.

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