Jagged Peak Unveils New Interface and Enhanced User Experience

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Jagged Peak, Inc., a pioneer in eCommerce software and services, has announced the release of a new user interface (UI) for its flagship Order Management platform, EDGE®. The modernized UI was designed to improve ease-of-use, enable personalization and provide mobility.

Jagged Peak helps brands and retailers achieve their eCommerce ambitions through tailored technology solutions and a comprehensive portfolio of digital services and fulfillment solutions. The EDGE platform connects front-end and back-end systems for a complete, 360-degree, real-time view of all orders and inventory from every distribution channel. Improvements to the UI include:

  • Modernized look-and-feel with options to customize color themes based on user preference
  • Increased page width utilization improves the readability of reports and graphical elements
  • Consolidated side-menu for quicker, more effective navigation – hover or click selection options
  • Continued enhancements for responsive, mobile-friendly pages
  • Expansion of “JP Grid” – allows in-line editing of tables, custom table views that can be saved to the account profile, and scheduled reporting capabilities
  • Deployed Material Design for more consistent, engaging interface

“Our goal was to both improve usability and enhance visualization within EDGE for a more intuitive and personalized user experience that increases productivity,” said Michael Mercier, CEO of Jagged Peak. “This is a continuing objective and just the first major phase of our UX/UI overhaul. Our product road map has many new exciting enhancements planned for future releases.”

About Jagged Peak

Jagged Peak is an end-to-end eCommerce solutions provider, offering technology and services designed to create an eCommerce enterprise that is scalable, profitable and heightens the customer experience. Our eCommerce technology, digital agency services, marketplace management expertise, and fulfillment logistics infrastructure work in harmony to drive efficiencies and help clients’ go-to-market quickly – domestically and abroad.

We deliver a complete, managed solution that supports your entire operation or individual solutions that support single functions. Whatever your need, our portfolio of offerings and a team of experts will create the driving force for maximum growth and competitive advantage.

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