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JAVLIN Invest Incorporates Analyst Predictions Into Optimization Tools

New release also improves user experience by adding engagement tools, projections and a faster loading speed
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JAVLIN Invest, the first and only mobile app to provide both risk-return portfolio optimization and the ability to project long-term returns based on potential macroeconomic conditions, today announced major updates to its investment portfolio optimization app, with version JAVLIN Invest 2.0. The mobile app now incorporates analyst projections from three-to-five years ago in its upgraded backtesting model. This, along with historical data it already uses, provides long-term investors with even more data to better shape their portfolios for optimal returns in the future.

Vinny Yu, co-founder of JAVLIN Invest, added, “It’s easy for everyday investors to feel like there is some crystal ball that the ‘Warren Buffetts’ of the world use. But it all comes down to good data. We are doing this data analysis to simplify the investing process.”

JAVLIN Invest has also revamped its user experience by allowing users to now change how they engage with the app by allowing them to test new conditions and portfolio positions. The app also now has a faster loading speed.

Jeff Tsai, co-founder of JAVLIN Invest, said, “It’s labor intensive to follow what all of the analysts are saying. JAVLIN Invests’ algorithms do the hard work for investors, looking back in recent history to help optimize returns in the future.”

JAVLIN Invest seamlessly integrates with brokerage accounts, safely and automatically syncing data through a secure API. In minutes, JAVLIN Invest calculates portfolio indicators, builds visualizations, and determines historically optimal allocations for every stock in the portfolio.

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