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Jitterbit announced the results of a new survey

Business leaders are harnessing integration and automation to elevate customer experiences in today's competitive landscape

Jitterbit, a global leader for empowering transformation through automation, today announced the results of its “2023 State of Customer Experience Automation: Eliminate Application Integration Challenges to Elevate Customer Experiences” survey. Available now, the report examines organizational priorities, challenges and expected benefits from automating the customer experience (CX) process, including which customer-facing functions and use cases are being prioritized for automation.

The data reveals that CX is becoming one of the most critical differentiators for organizations in today’s hyper competitive marketplace. However, delivering personalized customer experiences doesn’t come without challenges, requiring businesses to combine a deep understanding of the customer journey with an integrated tech stack.

Automating processes to enhance the customer experience is a priority for organizations.

According to survey respondents, customer experience ranked second, just after IT, in terms of having the most automated business processes. And despite being one of the most automated business functions already, CX remains one of the top five functions targeted for further automation.

This speaks to the high level of importance placed on CX functions within businesses, a trend driven by businesses’ desire to gain a deeper understanding of engagement throughout the entire customer journey.

Application proliferation, IT resource constraints and manual integration are key challenges organizations face in delivering a seamless customer experience.

With the ever-expanding application landscape, particularly the growing Martech stack, organizations face integration challenges that stand in the way of delivering an optimal customer experience.

Integration and automation of marketing operations is a top priority for organizations to deliver optimal customer experiences.

Most organizations reported plans to invest in integrating the marketing function over the next 12 months. Respondents also intend to automate and integrate additional business processes to deliver the best possible customer experience.

“Our survey reveals that customer experience is a vital differentiating factor in today’s market,” said Ron Wastal, senior vice president, global business development, channel and alliances at Jitterbit. “While organizations have made progress in optimizing CX, there is still a need to automate customer-facing workflows and address integration challenges. By integrating systems across the ‘lead to loyalty’ customer lifecycle, organizations can provide a consistent and exceptional experience, ultimately standing out from the competition.”

Methodology and availability
Within the context of a larger study into the current state of business automation, Jitterbit collected survey data from IT, marketing and human resources executives at organizations spanning B2B, B2C and B2G sectors. There were 167 respondents to the survey, all in firms with 100+ employees.

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