JoinBrands Is Experiencing Rapid Growth

Brands increasingly rely on user-generated content to grow sales

Since its launch on June 1, 2022, JoinBrands™, an influencer marketplace, has attracted over 10,000 content creators and 1,000 brands, successfully matching consumers and brands with content creators and influencers.

“Our fast growth has clearly demonstrated the need for an efficient and affordable marketplace where brands can connect with creators and influencers,” said JoinBrands Co-founder Ian Sells. “Content creators increase brand awareness through producing authentic user-generated content (UGC).”

According to Forbes, the content creator industry has experienced explosive growth to over $100 billion in revenue with more than 50 million people worldwide who consider themselves creators. Being a creator doesn’t require huge followings to sign up on JoinBrands, but many do have large followings on TikTok or Instagram. The key criteria is that creators are willing to share products and brands they love with their audiences.

The JoinBrands platform– like an online dating service– solves problems for both marketers and influencers by making it easy for brands to find and connect with US-based, authentic creators. It’s free and easy to sign up and create a campaign.

Brands are able to set their job requirements, choose if they want images or videos, pick a format and set filters for the types of creators they are seeking.

Once the campaign is approved, interested creators apply and brands review their profiles to choose the best fit. Best of all, brands only pay for the job once a creator has been selected.

JoinBrands not only makes it easy for brands and influencers to find each other, it simplifies the process of negotiating content, transferring ownership rights, and getting paid. It’s all handled seamlessly on the JoinBrands platform and in the iPhone application.

“JoinBrands is already being used by some of the biggest Amazon brands, DTC brands, and aggregators to help them differentiate their products with authentic, relevant user-generated content,” said Sells.

With image campaigns starting at $15 and video campaigns starting at $60, brands are quickly finding success on the JoinBrands site. “I just love how easy it is to get content fast from amazing creators that we can use in our marketing campaigns!” says Leslie Pierson, founder of Taco vs Burrito.

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