Journee & Clinique unveil “Clinique Lab”

Clinique Lab creates next generation of online retail to engage customers in a sensory universe

Journee, a Web3, Metaverse-as-a-Service platform company, together with Clinique, an Estee Lauder-owned company, today unveiled its new next-generation e-commerce shopping retail experience called “Clinique Lab” –  available to everyone online anytime and anywhere with a laptop or a smartphone, and no headset is required.

Clinique Lab’s innovative virtual storefront infrastructure is a photorealistic 3D environment that redefines the online retail experience and brings the consumer right into a virtual iconic Clinique counter where brand lovers and consumers can discover, interact, play, learn and shop.

Journee, the most award winning Metaverse provider, operates a Metaverse-as-a-Service platform for creatives and brands like Clinique to design and build unique virtual worlds, that connect in revolutionary ways with customers all around the world.

A recently released survey by Accenture shows nearly 55% of consumers want to be active users of the metaverse, and 90% want to do so in the next year.

Working together with Journee, the Clinique Lab was developed to offer customers and interested parties a sensory universe that introduces the brand, the products, and the ingredients. Visitors can create a customized avatar and explore the world through six unique zones including product stories, gamification, personalized interaction with Clinique Consultants, unique offers, and immersive on-site shopping.

Clinique is the one of the first companies to seamlessly integrate this type of virtual shopping experience into its website, adding a playful experience to its e-commerce area. The digital shopping experience, built on Journee’s Web3 Metaverse-as-a-Service platform, combines high-quality, live-rendered, gamified, mass-multiplayer 3D with the power of e-commerce.

“Unlike our retail stores, the Clinique Virtual Lab is an open world with no physical borders, offering endless possibilities in terms of design and storytelling. We wanted to take our Clinique brand to a new dimension on a platform that encourages experimentation and creative freedom,” said Charmi Panchal, executive director of Clinique Global e-Commerce. “Journee is the perfect partner to help us leverage the potential of the platform and create an experience that creatively expresses our dermatological roots. Together have created this experience that we hope will inspire our customers.”

The campaign will be brought to life within the digital Clinique Lab through interactive elements and exploratory storytelling. Users can learn about product ingredients, formulations, benefits and application techniques on their phone, tablet or computer. Consumers can browse and buy products like Moisture Surge 100H and other brand favorites directly from the virtual store with exclusive offers.

“Just like Clinique, Journee stands for creating and implementing innovation, not just pursuing it. With the new immersive brand experience, Clinique and Journee are global leaders in digital e-commerce, combining the best of product merchandising and customer experience. We look forward to pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology and setting new standards in e-commerce for Clinique,” said Thomas Johann Lorenz, co-founder and CEO of Journee.

The Clinique Lab is now accessible at on all mobile devices with an internet browser.

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