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Joyned Announces Beta Launch of its “Tune In” Insights Product

Dynamic Focus Group Platform Allows Online Merchants to See What Shoppers Think before Purchases are Completed and Respond in the Moment
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Joyned, a SaaS platform empowering retailers to provide social shopping experiences directly to their consumers rather than through third-party social platforms, announced today the beta launch of its new Joyned Insights’ data product named “Tune In.” The large-scale dynamic focus group platform will enable retailers to see what consumers are thinking about products, allowing them to understand why they do or do not buy a product or service and respond in real-time, before a purchase is made.

“The ability to see organic comments about specific products is incredibly powerful. Joyned Insights’ ‘Tune In,’ allows our clients to react and respond on so many levels, including marketing, merchandising, pricing and more. They can proactively manage their product line and business in real-time,” said Jonathan Abraham, CEO, Joyned. “Whereas online customer reviews come after the fact — and are often suspect — Tune In facilitates real-time, actionable feedback. This kind of data is a game changer and we can’t wait to put it in our partners’ hands.”

By leveraging natural social engagement, Joyned provides its merchant partners with highly qualified organic website traffic, while increasing profitability and lowering acquisition costs. Moving shopping-related social activity off of traditional social media platforms and onto retailers’ own websites and eCommerce platforms lowers customer acquisition costs, optimizes conversion rates, and builds loyalty. Retailers have experienced an overall sales increase as high as 6%-15% after users invited their friends to engage using Joyned, as well as up to a 250%+ retention rate and a 40%+ increase in traffic for those who clicked to use the platform.

Joyned is GDPR compliant, fully sanitizes and anonymizes data before delivering it, and doesn’t hold any PII (personally identifiable information). The Company only holds information including CTR, conversion rate, shares, group sizes, etc. that ensures its product provides the best results and optimizes corporate retail clients’ conversion rates.

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