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JoyUp Launches Square Integration to Offer Facebook Messenger Ordering Support for Food Brands

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JoyUp, the AI Marketing assistant for food brands, announced an integration with Square, increasing the social media presence that most brick and mortar food brands must achieve to be successful.

Integration with Square

When JoyUp is integrated into Square Point Of Sale, merchants can receive their Facebook Messenger orders directly in their POS, allowing them to track the best selling items or the slowest moving ones so they can pivot their marketing as necessary. JoyUp can also track customer product affinities and allow sellers to leverage the insights into targeted, conversational and personalized marketing.

Customers will also find the joy with Joy! Joy interacts with customers on sellers’ behalf to provide them with conversational menu information, allowing customers to skip the line, instantly order through Facebook Messenger, and complete the purchase with  payments like Apple Pay. Once submitted, the order pops up in their respective Square POS for the restaurant to acknowledge.

JoyUp’s technology is geared towards pushing conversational orders to sellers for processing. With Square’s involvement, restaurants who may not have had the budget or expertise to build messenger ordering into their own website, Facebook page or app, will be able to use this option through JoyUp and Square. JoyUp can also supercharge transaction volume for food brands by leveraging AI and Square Data.

“Facebook Messenger ordering delivers an exciting, new, frictionless experience for consumers and a new revenue opportunity for food brands,” said Abhinav Kuru, CEO at JoyUp. “No apps need to be downloaded or installed—customers search their beloved business on messenger and order.”

About JoyUp

JoyUp has been helping food brands tackle tricky social media marketing issues easily and affordably by offering them Joy, in-house AI assistant. Joy is working with multiple small business owners and marketing managers, as a virtual sidekick on their team.

Social Media is essential for increasing foot traffic to a business, marketing online, answering questions, and now for fielding mobile orders. Also Facebook Messenger is a leading platform through which patrons can reach you personally and vice-versa.

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