Events, Meetings & Webinars brings Jim Treliving & John Ruffolo as investors

Just Boardrooms

Just Boardrooms, an innovative marketplace platform with a wide variety of private boardrooms to book by the hour or by the day, secured investments from well-known Canadian business leaders including former Dragon, Jim Treliving, and Venture Capitalist, John Ruffolo, who share their excitement for the future of Just Boardrooms.

On March 7, 2023, the Just Boardroom founders and investors gathered in one of the many spaces available on the app to kick-off a new partnership between Just Boardrooms and Boston Pizza – the latest addition to Just Boardrooms’ growing roster of hosts. Boston Pizza has a number of boardrooms and meeting spaces in select locations across the country. Just Boardrooms boasts a wide variety of meeting spaces, for any size or style of meeting, perfect for hybrid workers, freelancers and consultants. The growing list of hosts include the Design Exchange, the Wine Academy and select locations at Monte Carlo Inns and Staples Studios.

Canadian businessman, Investor and TV personality, Jim Treliving says, “I love the concept of creating additional revenue streams for businesses who own boardrooms and meeting spaces but don’t get enough use out of them. Several Boston Pizza locations have recently been listed on and look forward to providing businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives a space where they can do their best work, meet in person and enjoy great food!” He adds, “Boston Pizza has spaces available for group meetings in many of our locations.”

Just Boardrooms plans to attract as many franchises on board as possible, so these services can be accessed in Boston Pizza locations across the country.

Just Boardrooms offers a solution for remote professionals that are missing one key element; a “third space” between office and home with the needed amenities for important meetings and presentations. It also acts as an additional revenue generator for businesses that own underutilized boardrooms and could benefit from a little extra income. The business currently offers spaces to rent within the Greater Toronto area and 6 other Canadian cities, with plans to expand globally.

Venture Capitalist and investor, John Ruffolo, sees the impact that Just Boardrooms can have on today’s workforce. “Knowledge workers need to meet and collaborate, but they don’t necessarily want to do it at the corporate offices given many of them are working partly or mostly from home. Just Boardrooms gives corporate and gig workers the flexibility to meet when and where they want,” he says.

Howard Chang, CEO and Co-Founder of Just Boardrooms says, “We like to think of our business model as the AirBNB of boardrooms. The concept is a win-win, as we provide a solution to those who need spaces quickly and conveniently, priced for a variety of budgets and are easy to access across major cities. It’s also the perfect solution for business owners who can rent these spaces that are not being used to capacity. Whether you just book it or just list it, the app and desktop versions are intuitive and hassle-free to use.”

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