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Justuno Announces Collaboration With Shopify

Top website conversion platform builds feature for enhanced AOV and streamlined checkout on Shopify stores

Justuno, a leading website conversion optimization platform, announced their collaboration with Shopify on the launch of an all-new lead capture with Shop Pay. Justuno’s newest feature allows Shopify stores to further streamline the Shop Pay experience for customers with automatically saved and applied discounts, all from a single opt-in.

Justuno’s Signed-in Shopping with Shop helps brands grow their lists more effectively while removing roadblocks to check out for the end customer. The Shop Pay network is 100M+ users strong, representing half of an average Shopify store’s user base.

Just a few benefits of lead capture with Shop Pay:

  • Faster time to checkout; Shop Pay is an average 4X faster vs. standard checkout
  • Increased conversions; Shop Pay drives 91% higher conversion rate on mobile vs. standard checkout
  • Return customers; Shop Pay users have an 85% repeat purchase rate
  • Incremental lead capture and competitive advantage for first movers

Justuno’s CTO and co-founder, Travis Logan, said this on the release of this new feature:

“We’re passionate about creating customer-centric experiences that convert, and this Justuno x Shopify lead capture with Shop allows users to do just that. With simple opt-ins to streamline checkout, this feature will instantly improve performance. From incremental subscriber growth at the top of the funnel to efficient checkout at the bottom—this feature will power end-to-end optimization. As the most advanced conversion platform available, Justuno is filling the gap in the market for effective, practical tools for conversion optimization. Earlier this week, we debuted an all-new platform, and lead capture with Shop is the first of many exciting updates on our product roadmap.”

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