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Juvare® Launches JX Connector for Enhanced External Data Integration

JX Connector streamlines external data integration to provide response personnel with the critical information necessary to create a comprehensive common operating picture

Juvare, the leader in crisis and emergency management technology, today announced the launch of JX Connector. Built on the Juvare Exchange® platform, this solution is designed to increase the speed at which new data streams can be consumed by users of Juvare software. JX Connector reduces the barriers to interoperability between critical systems, enabling organizations to improve incident response and strengthen business continuity.

“We are incredibly excited to launch JX Connector,” said Bob Watson, CEO at Juvare. “Building upon Juvare Exchange, the first platform of its kind to enable multi-stakeholder data sharing for enhanced incident response, this new solution allows organizations to create and maintain data integrations that improve situational awareness and increase the speed and quality of incident response.”

JX Connector lowers the barriers for Juvare clients to integrate with external systems. As government agencies, corporations, educational institutions, and healthcare providers expand their digital footprint, JX Connector will be used to ingest, process, and visualize new data streams to enhance the common operating picture provided by Juvare solutions.

“To deliver on our clients’ expectations, we knew we needed to be capable of seamlessly and rapidly integrating data from any source,” said Watson. “JX Connector substantially standardizes the creation and deployment of new integration capabilities so users can bring external data to enrich their existing workflows and dashboards.”

The increased frequency and complexity of climate-related incidents and domestic terror events require more data, better data governance, and superior analysis. This has led Juvare to expand its solutions to further support its clients to prepare for and respond to critical incidents of all kinds as well as increase daily use cases made possible by Juvare’s powerful platform.

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