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Kasasa Partners with Carleton for Configurable & Compliant Loan Calculations

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Kasasa, LTD adds value to their award-winning financial technology and marketing services platform through its new partnership with Carleton, Inc. by integrating configurable and accurate insurance and debt protection calculations within its latest award-winning product, the Kasasa Loan® martech news.

The Kasasa Loan® is the only auto and personal loan that allows consumers to reduce debt by paying ahead, while maintaining access to those funds if needed. Using CarletonCalcs®, Kasasa’s community bank and credit union clients can easily add debt protection or credit insurance products to the Kasasa Loan® accurately and in compliance with their insurance company’s underwriting requirements. CarletonCalcs® enables Kasasa to apply client-specific limits and methods that meet their client’s institutional, state, and federal compliance requirements.

“We wanted to ensure the Kasasa Loan® added a high level of configurability and compliance support to meet our client’s needs, in addition to providing consumers the greatest flexibility when choosing their loans,” said Chris Cohen, EVP, Product Management for Kasasa. “Carleton’s expertise in consumer loan calculation compliance provides our clients that extra level of comfort knowing the Kasasa Loan® is supported by 50 years of experience and accuracy, while providing unique consumer benefits unavailable through other loan products.”

“Kasasa recognized the importance of having a versatile loan structure to deliver a flexible and compliant loan product. By integrating CarletonCalcs® throughout the Kasasa service platform, Carleton will ensure compliant loan computations and precise amortization schedules through Kasasa’s dashboard and mobile app,” stated Matt Ruszkowski, President and COO of Carleton. “Our proven track record of providing nationwide support to the lending industry is why Kasasa partnered with Carleton. We are excited to be part of the Kasasa team, as we are both committed to providing the highest quality level of innovative consumer lending technology products and service to drive our clients’ success.”

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