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KERV announced the launch of “Glow”


KERV Interactive, the leader in AI-powered video analysis, performance, and monetization, today announced the launch of its latest display advertising innovation, KERV Glow. This cutting-edge product transforms standard static display assets into fully dynamic, interactive brand experiences in a completely turnkey manner. The solution is designed to enhance consumer engagement and time spent with brand creative, driving performance across every stage of the marketing funnel.

Glow utilizes KERV’s multi-patented image recognition technology to identify multiple objects within a static banner creative and instantly create a glow-like effect on each object that can be customized by brand standards. The technology then correlates each object with relevant copy and can support multiple landing page link outs. Buyers can now activate KERV Glow as a standalone creative, or as a retargeting component within an existing KERV campaign, leveraging KERV’s proprietary first-party interactor data.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • AI-Powered Capabilities: Patented image recognition and machine learning technology automatically transforms static assets into dynamic ads with the ability to link out to multiple landing pages.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Boost interaction rates and time spent with creative content.
  • Dynamic Banners: Activate as a standalone creative asset or integrate as a retargeting component within an existing KERV media buy.
  • 1P Interactor Data: Utilize the user’s unique touch-pattern data to retarget more relevant products or sequential messages to move audiences down the funnel.
  • Seamless Creation and Integration: Easily implement KERV Glow to move your audience further down the funnel and maximize your media investments.

Initial alpha tests of KERV Glow have shown impressive results with interaction rates 3x the industry average when the product is used in conjunction with KERV’s proprietary first-party interactor data. KERV Glow can be purchased directly or via programmatic, with 1P interactor data available exclusively via managed service.

“KERV Glow is a game-changer for brands looking to engage their audience in a more impactful way,” said Jay Wolff, Chief Revenue Officer at KERV Interactive. “By integrating our advanced AI and user engagement insights, and expanding our interactive capabilities from video to display ads, we are powering a more meaningful brand experience and seamless path to purchase.” For more information about KERV Glow, please visit www.kerv.ai.

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