KERV Interactive Announces First OEM Partnership with Samsung Ads

KERV Interactive

KERV Interactive (KERV), the leading AI-powered interactive video technology platform, announced today a strategic partnership with Samsung Ads to offer automated, interactive and shoppable advertising solutions for its brand partners at scale. Samsung Ads will leverage KERV TV to equip its advertisers with the tools to create and implement fully interactive and automated campaigns across television. The partnership makes Samsung Ads the first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to offer KERV’s embedded, interactive advertising technology across its family of smart devices.

KERV is the only platform that uses machine learning techniques and AI to recognize depth, dimension, and objects within video in real-time and more accurately than the human eye. Leveraging this technology, KERV unlocks consumer touchpoints within campaigns and has the unprecedented ability to increase the value of each impression delivered by analyzing for and optimizing towards user engagement data. Because KERV tracks 15+ proprietary, action-based data points in addition to standard, in-stream metrics, customers are able to transform their branded video content from a top-funnel tactic to a lead-generation engine.

“We’re incredibly excited to empower Samsung Ads’ advertisers to automatically create personalized, interactive campaigns at scale,” said Brad Quinn, VP Business Development, KERV. “This partnership will position Samsung as the leading OEM in interactive advertising as brands continue to seek out new and innovative ways to connect with their audience and measure impact.”

The partnership between KERV Interactive and Samsung Ads represents a major milestone in the evolution of interactive advertising and the bridge between content and commerce. The future of CTV is enabling brands to connect with their audiences in new and more meaningful ways.

KERV TV scans and auto-detects scenes within a video and seamlessly overlays a powerful and dynamic QR codes to CTV/OTT video that can lead to multiple destinations like product pages, websites, or even fully-interactive versions of the video on their mobile device that are relevant to the consumer’s location and context.

“In the post-pandemic world, consumers are now utilizing their Smart TVs for a variety of interactive uses beyond entertainment, ranging from gaming to socializing to shopping. Through our new partnership with KERV, we’re thrilled to bring seamless shoppable ad experiences to our Samsung Ads platform, making it easy for brands to capture the attention of viewers and inspire an immediate action,” said Heather Rafferty Savatta, Global Lead Product Marketing, Samsung Ads.

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