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Kevel’s APIs Help Launch Everli’s Retail Media Ad Platform

Everli incorporates sponsored ads on its platform with the help of Kevel’s ad serving APIs.
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Kevel (, a leading API infrastructure platform used to build custom ad platforms, announces a new partnership with Everli, Europe’s leading marketplace for online grocery shopping. Kevel’s ad-serving APIs will enable Everli to launch sponsored product offerings before rolling out additional ad placements in the future.

After securing €85.2 million in Series C investment last year, Everli committed to building out their retail media strategy. By integrating with Kevel, Everli launched this ad platform quickly, and Everli’s partners can now promote their products in search results using keyword targeting.

The sponsored ad units can be found across Everli’s four regional websites, as well as its app. Through Kevel’s UI, Everli has full control over its ad management, targeting, and reporting. Everli partners and the end consumer all benefit from this ad product, as it opens up a new revenue stream for Everli, while giving vendors more visibility and helping customers discover new products.

“In the past, advertising hasn’t been a focus within the grocery sector, but after seeing the success of retail ad platforms from Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and others, we knew this was an important step for our growth,” says Francesco Carnielli, Head of Engineering at Everli. “Kevel helped minimize the time it took to integrate ads and allowed us to start earning revenue almost immediately. The sponsored ad units have already shown great success for merchants, and we plan on adding more ad units in the near future with Kevel.”

“A retail media ad platform offers huge benefits, especially when the retailer already has relationships with its merchants. Everli is already a leading online grocery marketplace, and an ad platform gives them the revenue to grow even faster,” says James Avery, Founder and CEO of Kevel. “Targeted sponsored products are just the beginning, and we look forward to helping Everli build out its ad platform even further.”

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