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KINESSO launched their Emerging Tech Assessment (ETA)

The Emerging Tech Assessment Enables IPG Mediabrands Agencies to Deliver Unparallelled Campaign Results for Brands Despite Impending Signal Loss

KINESSO, the IPG Mediabrands technology-driven performance marketing agency within Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) announced today the launch of their Emerging Tech Assessment (ETA), a next-gen solution for brands looking to optimize campaign performance in a post-cookie world. This proprietary offering is the most comprehensive offering of its kind, specifically designed to assess and mitigate potential performance risks for clients and marketers alike.

The quickly approaching phase-out of third-party cookies signifies a pivotal shift in the digital advertising landscape, with significant impact expected to attribution, cross-platform measurement, audience tactics, and optimization capabilities. The ETA is an exciting and necessary advancement, offering a unified approach to measure campaign success through the analysis of client’s digital media investments – categorizing spend into high, medium, and low risk – in the absence of cookies. The ETA also grants brands access to a qualitative review that examines the readiness of their technological infrastructure to adopt next-generation strategies and improves their preparedness for performance continuity.

KINESSO has built a global solution that outshines competitor offerings through pioneering features that provide empowering and actionable insights, including evaluating digital spend holistically across channels. Notably, ETA prioritizes actions based on a thorough risk evaluation, a critical step missing from most in-market solutions. It is backed by a systematic and automated data collection process that is integral to assessing campaigns in forensic detail to inform strategic decision-making. This custom approach not only de-risks client spend but simultaneously opens avenues for service revenue growth.

“Our clients rely on us to navigate the complexities of digital marketing, and the demise of third-party cookies presents a significant challenge,” said Chris Schimkat, Global Head of Analytics at KINESSO. “The Emerging Tech Assessment is our proactive solution to safeguard client investments, maintain campaign effectiveness, and leverage our strategic partnerships with industry giants like Google, Amazon Ads, and Meta.”

Key benefits of the Emerging Tech Assessment include:

  • Sophisticated Risk Analysis: Detailed and advanced risk examination of digital media spend across channels and partners to provide the most viable use of advertising technology to reach their target.
  • Tech Readiness Assessment: Qualitative evaluation of the current tech stack to ensure technological preparedness for next-gen solutions.
  • Customization: A personalized approach for each brand, with innovative recommendations, and the development of a strategic roadmap in collaboration with brand-side teams.

KINESSO’s commitment to innovation and client success is at the heart of the ETA, positioning the agency as a trusted advisor in the face of industry-wide transformation. The agency is currently working to scale this offering so that all IPG Mediabrands clients have the opportunity to benefit from the ETA.

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