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Klaviyo Introduces Klaviyo One

Integrated customer data platform and marketing automation engine helps large brands deliver customer experiences that feel completely personalized — at scale
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Klaviyo, a unified customer platform, today announced the development and launch of its new enterprise solution, Klaviyo One, built to help large brands unify all their customer data and drive personalized experiences at scale. Klaviyo One was designed to support the speed, complexity, and scale of large brands — with high-touch support, extensive guidance from experts at Klaviyo and its deep partner ecosystem, and enterprise-grade features for user authentication and permissions. Leading brands now don’t need to spend countless hours or millions of dollars trying to get their entire tech stack to work together — Klaviyo One brings together all their customer data, makes it accessible in real time, and uses it to power highly relevant experiences that drive real results.

“Today, if you’re a high-scale or high-growth consumer business, you buy and cobble together your customer technology stack with software from multiple vendors that barely integrate at all and certainly not in real time,” said Andrew Bialecki, CEO and co-founder of Klaviyo. “That creates major problems– customer data and customer experiences don’t talk to each other, and you end up with poor consumer experiences and frustrated internal teams. Klaviyo is the one place to get all the software, infrastructure and expertise you need to build your customer stack and scale how you delight consumers and drive revenue.”

Klaviyo One powers personalization at scale, with four key properties:

  1. Unified platform built to unleash growth. There’s no need to work with disparate systems that don’t speak to each other, Klaviyo brings everything under one roof in one powerful customer platform, saving you time and money. Klaviyo One’s unified platform can ingest, unify, store, query and analyze customer data, from any integrated source, from any period of time— no configuration required. Add to this reporting, predictive analytics and machine learning tools that deliver omnichannel experiences at scale.
  2. Fast and accessible to speed and execution. Automated A/B testing, reporting, revenue attribution allows you to move fast, go from idea to execution in one day, and double down on what’s working.
  3. Enterprise-grade personalization that scales. From reliability to pricing to API limits, we’re changing the enterprise experience — because even enterprise-grade software should be fast and intuitive.
  4. Powerful ecosystem ready to help customers. Klaviyo One fits seamlessly into the stack you already have, with a dedicated team of e-commerce experts to set up, optimize, and troubleshoot your customer platform. Klaviyo One also allows you to unify your customer data with our 220+ out-of-the-box integration and open APIs to help you achieve your strategic goals. And if you want more, you can build on top of the platform as a developer.

“Consumer habits have changed – and they demand more from the brands they choose to engage with. This means it’s critical that brands develop meaningful and trust-based relationships with their customers,” said Ed Hallen, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Klaviyo. “As brands on the Klaviyo platform scaled, and as other big brands came to us for solutions, we recognized something was missing in the enterprise space: one unified platform for all their customer data and communications that would enable to them to quickly use data to make decisions. With the introduction of Klaviyo One, we’re excited to double down on our commitment to support these large customers and provide them with a better way to deliver hyper-relevant customer experiences at scale.”

Klaviyo is already loved by major brands including ColourPop, Spanx, Steve Madden, TaylorMade, Citizen Watch, O’Neill, True Classic Tees and Dagne Dover.

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