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Koddi launches Dynamic Pricing


Koddi, the commerce media platform for publishers and advertisers, today announced the launch of Dynamic Pricing – its newest yield management feature for commerce media publishers leveraging its Koddi Ads product.

With Dynamic Pricing, brands are able to price media inventory based on their own science and intelligence in addition to Koddi’s own signals – pricing for a specific user, session, search, product, or any combination in a privacy-first environment – all in real time. Commerce media publishers can use Dynamic Pricing to better optimize user experiences and advertising yields in ad auctions across their digital marketplaces.

This release marks the latest innovation by Koddi to minimize the cost, risk, and technical challenge of building a successful commerce media program. Commerce media publishers using Koddi Ads can leverage Dynamic Pricing through a simple API integration and see an improvement in yield immediately.

Eric Brackmann, Head of Commerce Media at Koddi, said, “In 2023 we expect to see a shift in the marketplace toward media networks that can prove efficiency for advertisers. Dynamic Pricing gives our retail and commerce media publishers the tools to drive that efficiency for their advertisers, while also maximizing the value of their audiences within a privacy-first framework. We’re excited to drive even better results for our partners.”

Dynamic Pricing entered beta testing in mid-2022, giving publishers a finer degree of control over placement performance, with some publishers seeing immediate yield increases of up to 10% in live environments. The feature has now entered into general availability.

“A constant challenge we hear with commerce media is the balance between revenue from the organic experience and the newly introduced ad revenue. In the past, this balance was broadly interpreted on holistic site performance, without the intricacies of individual inventory differences across pages, users, and markets,” said Tyler Rospond, Product Management Director at Koddi. “With Dynamic Pricing, publishers have more control than ever to ensure that every page visit is maximizing site revenue with relevance – a safety net to ensure your commerce media business is accretive to your core business.”

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