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Konect.ai Announces Data Integration With Cox Automotive’s sol.


Konect.ai, a lead management AI that helps dealers acquire, engage, and convert customers, announces a data integration with Cox Automotive’s VinSolutions, the leading provider of automotive retail CRM services.

This new integrated offering will provide benefits for mutual dealer customers of both Konect.ai and VinSolutions including increased engagement from inbound leads, acquisition leads, or outbound campaigns. Housed in a texting platform that encompasses multiple SMS/MMS channels, the integration will push customers to appointments, immediate phone calls or scheduled phone calls without disrupting the internal workflow or processes.

“CRM integrations like this are key for us to continue our growth in the automotive industry. VinSolutions has created an exceptional CRM, and the integration with Konect.ai allows dealers to manage all of their SMS communication within the CRM. There’s no need for managers or salespeople to jump back and forth between platforms,” said Cole Kutschinski, President of Konect.ai.

“Thankfully with this enhancement of our VinSolutions integration, our customers and future customers are able to fully utilize Konect.ai, and explore all the possibilities of AI SMS engagement,” added Paul Lehal, Chief Technical Officer.

The hands-free integration will instantly send daily, AI-led conversations that are department-focused and effective thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). Dealers can stay logged out and the proprietary process will customize relevant follow-up, and directly funnel and segment critical customer information. ML and NLP, as well as sales, service, and marketing insight, are available to automotive software platforms to enhance overall experience and engagement.

For more information about Konect.ai, visit us online at Konect.ai.

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