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KoreConX Webinar: There is a Market for Your Private Securities

Privately-held, emerging growth companies and their shareholders have an execution platform transforming the concept of liquidity.
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KoreConX is pleased to announce There is a Market for your Private Securities 2021 webinar, featuring David Weild IV, the “father” of the JOBS Act and insights from other market participants, will be held on June 9, 2021.

Since April of 2012 at the birth of equity crowdfunding, thousands of companies have taken advantage of the JOBS Act’s exemptions to raise capital for their companies. More than half a million investors have participated, providing funding to these companies—and a new chapter of capital raising and wealth creation has begun!

The next chapter in the JOBS Act is here. Secondary trading has arrived for private securities.  This new chapter extends the investor journey. For Private companies, this is an end-to-end solution where they can raise capital from investors of all levels of investing experience and wealth, who are attracted by the companies themselves, the new opportunity to own shares in privately held firms, and now, the liquidity and flexibility of secondary market trading.

Our webinar will demystify what the secondary market is, how it works, what companies need to participate, and how they can involve their shareholders and attract new ones. The webinar will cover what issuers need to do to be compliant with Blue Sky, and the National Securities Manual. This service is now available for everyone. Nobody is left out. Investors will be able to trade as low as $10.00.

Our Speaker line up is led by David Weild IV, the father of the JOBS Act, former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ, and currently, Chairman and CEO of Wield & Co. (bio

Shari Noonan, co-founder CEO Rialto MarketsSara Hanks, CEO of CrowdCheck and Managing Partner of CrowdCheck Law, Linda Lerner Partner, Halloran Farkas Kittlila LLPco-founder, COO Rialto MarketsDr. Kiran Garimella, CTO/CSO KoreConX, Andrew Stephenson, CrowdCheck, Julien Phipps, CRO KoreConX, Christopher Lustrino, KingsCrowd, Vincent Molinari,co-founder, CEO Fintech.TV, Annemarie Tierney, Liquid Advisors, Steven Distante, Chairman VanderbiltSean Hallisey, Clear Rating, William Walker, Andrew Corn, CEO E5A Integrated, Elliot Chun Managing Director Emergents @ Wield & CO, James Caboy CCO, Rialto Markets, Lee Saba, Rialto Markets, Ryan Simmons, Rialto Markets, Bill Humphrey, CEO New Direction Trust

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