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Kronologic Launches FirstDraft


Kronologic, the leader in AI-powered scheduling automation for sales, customer success, and marketing teams, today announced the integration of OpenAI’s generative AI copywriting platform, also used in ChatGPT. Kronologic FirstDraft combines four years of proven email and meeting invite templates with OpenAI’s copywriting technology to drive the highest level of customer engagement.

FirstDraft’s  generative AI is designed to help customer-facing teams quickly create copy for their campaigns, saving significant amounts of time and increasing message quality. In a matter of seconds, this AI-powered assistant is able to write human-like copy combining customer challenges, product values, competitor comparisons, calls-to-action and more,  in the right tone, to the right persona.

Download Kronologic’s infographic detailing best practices for how to phrase generative AI requests that tailor copy results for sales and market use cases.

“At Kronologic, we’re focused on continually improving the only AI-based set-it-and-forget-it scheduling platform for sales, marketing and customer success. Kronologic automatically engages more buyers faster, with less work, in order to significantly increase pipeline generation,” said Kronologic’s CEO, Ben Parker.

Ben continues, “Adding OpenAI’s generative AI has our customers very excited about the advancements of Kronologic’s intelligence and the benefits it provides them. Quickly generating more engaging messaging is a key addition to our long-established AI capabilities which includes using tailored Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically negotiate meeting times for reps, removing time wasting busy work.”

Kronologic FirstDraft provides sales and marketing leaders with an unprecedented level of intelligence and insight into orchestrating customer conversations. This provides major advantages in driving deeper customer relationships, creating more relevant and personalized messages, and enabling more efficiency and increased revenue at scale.

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