L’AgenceRP writes new chapter in its history and becomes Kalamari


L’AgenceRP, the Paris, France and Boston, Massachusetts public relations agency, has today announced its name change to Kalamari. Driven by ambition to help its clients have local impact and international reach, the agency guides and amplifies the voices of leaders so that their messages make a lasting mark on both their industries and society. Founded in 2015 by Natacha Favry in Paris, the agency became international with its expansion to Boston in 2021 in order to support the growth of tech companies both in Europe and the United States. To better embody these developments and its changing positioning, the agency has unveiled a new identity: Kalamari.

Kalamari, the art of writing stories into memories
Kalamari is derived from the ancient Greek word “Kálamos”, the symbol of the emergence of writing. Evoking the calamus, the piece of reed that is essential to the transmission of the written word, Kalamari is an anchor rooted in history that symbolizes the agency’s purpose: building stories that last and nourish the reputation of its clients. The new identity, co-constructed with the naming agency Nomen and the Creation Studio Glitch reflects these commitments and the very essence of the business.

If it is true that communication is often related to words, then the heart of our business lies in the art of handling these words, giving them meaning and making them durable. Our objective is to make them embody the leaders who work with us“, says Isabelle Petit, CEO France of Kalamari.

Though the name changes, the commitment and expertise remain
Kalamari’s international team of communications experts will continue to highlight companies that are driving the changes needed in their industries and society. A promise built around 3 Pillars:

  • IMPACT with communication chosen to stir the crowd into action. Our mission is to give voice to our clients so that they can enable the changes needed in both their industries and society.
  • BUILD our clients’ brands, messages and discourse, always ensuring that the companies’ ambitions and values are aligned for true and sustainable communication.
  • NURTURE our clients’ reputation by using the right thought leaders, on the best channels and at the most opportune moments to make the messages last.

“Communication can and should be the gas pedal of change. We believe that technologies, ideas and people are what’s shaping the new paradigm and we also believe in the importance of helping these voices to find their audiences. That’s what we do –we give our clients the opportunity to have their voices heard so that they can initiate change. To carry out this mission successfully, we ourselves needed to enter a new phase. The name L’AgenceRP no longer reflected this promise and we needed a bold and creative new identity to support both our international ambitions and vision of the role of communications,” said Natacha Favry, Founder and CEO of Kalamari.

Natacha Favry, Founder and CEO of Kalamari

Kalamari, a cross-border agency that listens to the markets
Driven by human values and a desire to participate in making the world a better place, the agency’s CEO duo understands what evolutions are needed to keep up with rapid changes. Favry knew right away that one day the agency she created would have an American office to carry the voices of thought leaders internationally, which is what led to the opening of the Boston office in 2021. Kalamari’s 27 employees use words and ideas to help their more than 40 clients (including Dataiku, Github, Ogury, New Relic CrowdSec and Opendatasoft) make a global impact, regardless of which territory they’re coming from.

“We have always grown with our clients, following their progress and their needs. We have also always been able to adapt, and that is the key to our success. When our clients expressed the desire and need to expand internationally, we responded with a European and American joint effort. The Kalamari team is always on the lookout for new trends and tools to help our clients  maintain a voice that matches their ambitions,” said Favry.

The agency’s international DNA allows the teams to work hand in hand on projects and campaigns that blend French audacity with American ambition. In a world in search of meaning, it is important for business and tech leaders to have a guiding hand in taking part in the public conversations that are shaping societal change. This can only be achieved through a tailored communications strategy and an understanding and knowledge of the targeted markets.

Kalamari offers complete support in the two main markets of the tech industry: Europe and the US.

“Beyond the business expertise, it is the cultural expertise that gives strength to a communication campaign, whether it is local or international. At Kalamari, our teams are natives of the markets they are in charge of, which allows us to bring a critical eye to our clients’  marketing and communication strategies, guaranteeing them maximum success.  We all share the deep conviction that it’s important to lift up the voices of thought leaders promoting positive change. These leaders are contributing to building a better society,  and it is our mission to help their voices reach as  many people as possible. At Kalamari we are elevating the voices that are changing the world,” said Favry.

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