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Lasso Partners with CMI Media Group

Healthcare marketing leaders Lasso and CMI Media Group drive incredible real-world results for Psoriasis brand by leveraging Social and Connected TV.

Lasso (, the world’s first and only omnichannel platform for healthcare marketing and analytics, today released impressive results for a CMI Media Group campaign targeting healthcare providers (HCPs) across social media and Connected TV (CTV), two channels that have historically been very difficult to measure in pharma. This latest analysis makes Lasso’s solution the first to empower healthcare marketers with 100% deterministic insights across any digital channel for both HCP and consumer-targeted campaigns.

CMI Media Group, a premier full-service healthcare media agency, is WPP’s healthcare media specialist. The group ran the campaign from April to December 2021 for a leading psoriasis medication, targeting dermatologists through cross-channel CTV and social media ad exposure. Lasso’s in-house Identity Solution connected the dots between its client’s target audiences and medical claims data, post media exposure, so all insights are campaign specific rather than at the broader market level. This is exactly why CMI Media Group tapped Lasso to enable weekly gross Rx reporting (Vision) and a comprehensive Net Impact Analysis.

Lasso Vision results showed a high conversion rate of new prescribers and patients. Given that the brand was very well established, onboarding 38 new dermatologists and 1,015 new patients was a remarkable outcome. Taking that data to the next level, Lasso’s Net Impact Analysis revealed that dermatologists who were exposed to the campaign’s media across social media or CTV wrote 30.87% more transactions and onboarded 38.24% more new patients when compared against their unexposed counterparts.

“We’re very encouraged by the results we were able to uncover for CMI Media Group,” said Greg Field, CEO of Lasso. “This study proves that marketers no longer need to rely on projected metrics for campaigns that were traditionally difficult to measure real-world actions for. Our Measurement Suite shows both marketers and publishers exactly how valuable each media tactic is, regardless of where it’s run or who it’s targeting – and this will continue to hold true in a cookieless future.”

“We value our collaboration with Lasso because we share a similar drive to innovate healthcare communication. Their audience-centricity and ability to measure post-campaign exposure behavior give our team a better lens into how we can continue to deliver the excellence our clients expect,” said Andrew Miller, EVP, Digital Activation, CMI Media Group.

“Lasso’s Identity Solution, along with our Empower platform, gives us the ability to connect the dots between social and programmatic to drive results,” said Greg Dreifus, SVP, Programmatic, CMI Media Group. “This offering also contributes to how we are preparing our clients for the post-cookie future.”

In the cookieless future, Lasso’s best-in-class platform for healthcare marketing will work seamlessly as their Identity Solution is built from email and offline data, engineered to be more deterministic, more granular, and more efficient from day one. Lasso has already onboarded industry identifiers, such as Unified ID 2.0, and is ready to support any future successor to the 3rd-party cookie natively.

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