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Later Launches Integrated AI-powered Caption Writer for Instagram

Later Unveils New AI-driven Feature to Assist Users with Relevant Captions for their Instagram Posts, New Tool Learns Brand’s Tone of Voice

Later, the leading social media marketing and commerce platform for small business owners, social media managers, and creators, is rolling out a Caption Writer for Instagram posts.

With this tool, Later users can automatically generate captions by entering keywords that describe the image they want to post. Additionally, the Caption Writer will learn to match a brand’s tone of voice based on the language used in previous posts, making each caption feel more on-brand and relevant to the audience.

Powered by the GPT-3 API, one of the most advanced Generative AI and natural language processing (NLP) models, Later’s AI Caption Writer delivers fitting and engaging captions in moments.

“We are excited about this latest addition to our Machine Learning and AI solutions that help our users make decisions more easily and supercharge their creativity,” comments Roger Patterson, President, Later. “AI driven features have the ability to revolutionize how entrepreneurial creators and small businesses develop content, and our Caption Writer is an incredible advance in what is possible for our customers.”

In the future, Later’s Caption Writer will be rolled out beyond Instagram across multiple social media platforms, and will expand its capabilities to assist with wider social content creation and the overall creative process.

“Today, AI provides Later users with a springboard for their captions and offers them intelligent options in seconds, freeing up time by providing accurate and inspirational content,” comments Ian Mackinnon, CTO, Later. “This is really just the beginning. Our team is excited to take the content development process to the next level through an impressive suite of upcoming tech updates to the platform, many of which will utilize AI.”

Using the keyword suggestions, Later’s Caption Writer provides up to three captions to choose from. With various caption lengths and copy style, the AI-generated captions provide the perfect first draft — freeing up more time for personalization and creativity for each post. The post can then be scheduled to publish to Instagram automatically.

Later has previously utilized AI and machine learning to release powerful features including: Best Time To Post and Hashtag Suggestions. Later constantly evaluates user feedback to help further shape and develop its solutions.

The Caption Writer will be available on all Later paid plans (inclusive of Later’s 14-day free trial) from 22nd February 2023. People interested in a free trial can visit:

Later helps small business owners, social media managers, and creators connect creativity to commerce. With a unique combination of tools and education, Later makes it easy to visually plan and schedule social content, drive traffic, and increase sales – empowering customers to turn their passions into possibilities.

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