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Leading Data Provider Giant Partners Acquires Worxstudio Marketing

Leading Data Provider Giant Partners Acquires Worxstudio Marketing

Giant Partners, Southern California-based data provider, has recently purchased marketing agency Worxstudio to create a data-driven digital marketing offering. Marketing groups worldwide continue to partner with and purchase data companies, not the least of which is the acquisition of data-marketing giant Epsilon by Publicis Group in April of this year. The move by Giant Partners represents an important counter to this trend, that of data companies implementing and expanding their digital marketing services. Both trends indicate a growing public understanding that pairing data with digital marketing decreases advertising costs and increases quality.

With this acquisition, Giant Partners has opened a new digital marketing division. Worxstudio and Giant Partners worked together on multiple occasions prior to the purchase of the former. The pairing of Giant Partners data with Worxstudio’s digital strategy was so successful, that the data company decided to bring marketing services into the fold.

Giant Partners has seen great success with its digital marketing offering, helping clients to build lead generation campaigns that merge data, digital technology, and marketing strategy. Learn more about how digital marketing and data can work together from our Genius Digital Marketing Crash Course.

Giant Partners CEO, Giovanni Barile reports that this decision marks a great moment for the company, saying “Our customers always ask us how to best utilize data in the modern marketing landscape. After the acquisition, we not only have great answers for them, but have the ability to help them succeed with a complete digital marketing service. It’s a great day at Giant Partners.”

Giant Partners is a data and digital marketing company based in Thousand Oaks, CA. Founded in 2000, we accelerate leads and drive sales with perfect customer lists, effective websites, strong branding, compelling content and marketing automation — powered by web search, social media, email and messaging.

If you would like more information regarding this story, please contact Giovanni Barile at (805) 267-1575 or email 218305@email4pr.com

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