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CommX Was Founded by Bloomreach, Fast, Mirakl, ShipBob, and Sinch, and is Fueled by Insights From CommerceNext
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Leading technology providers across the digital commerce ecosystem today announced the launch of the Commerce Experience Collective (CommX), a community to guide brands and retailers into a new era of digital commerce growth through research, benchmarking data, best practices, and more. CommX is singularly focused on growing e-commerce for businesses worldwide — uncovering growth drivers that have a measurable impact on results, enabling revenue optimization through modern technology, empowering businesses to own the entire customer experience, and fostering the community and collaboration that is key to the future of e-commerce.

CommX founding members include: Bloomreach, the world’s #1 Commerce Experience Cloud; Fast, the world’s fastest online checkout experience; Mirakl, the leading provider of marketplace solutions; ShipBob, the leading global omnifulfillment platform; and Sinch, a global leader in cloud communications for mobile customer engagement. CommX is fueled by exclusive research from CommerceNext, a community, event series, and conference for marketers at retail and DTC brands.

As shoppers increasingly look to brands to deliver personalized, differentiated digital experiences, brands are in turn looking for the technologies that will help them deliver. Yet monolithic e-commerce platforms and legacy technologies they have long since relied on are falling short, unable to help businesses achieve end-to-end commerce experiences that satisfy each unique consumer and ultimately deliver measurable revenue growth. The real solution lies in the collective — an ecosystem of solutions each powering specific elements of the commerce experience, from marketing and site search to checkout and fulfillment. Together, these technologies enable a new era of digital commerce, one that is agile, customizable, and data-driven.

“The next big thing in digital commerce is not a single platform, but a collaborative group of modern innovative technology providers, all dedicated to client success and the evolution of the commerce experience. As leading providers of these technologies, the CommX members will help guide businesses into a new era of e-commerce, an era focused on highly personalized and optimized commerce experiences that drive measurable growth. We are incredibly excited to see how this community will empower businesses to unlock even greater opportunities through their digital channels,” said Brian Walker, Chief Strategy Officer, Bloomreach.

CommX launches at a critical time for e-commerce. Following a tumultuous acceleration in 2020 and a customer retention race in 2021, many businesses are now considering the transformational year ahead. According to 2022 Digital Trends & Investment Prioritiesthe inaugural CommX research report conducted by CommerceNext, 55% of retailers are forecasting north of 20% e-commerce growth this year. They are considering how this anticipated growth will impact acquisition and retention strategies, and what this means for their investment priorities.

“Despite the pandemic’s challenges, e-commerce’s evolution has entered its next innovation era,” said Scott Silverman, co-founder of CommerceNext. “Businesses need to consider what comes next — how they plan to drive loyalty, how social media will evolve, how the customer experience can become even better. CommerceNext is excited to partner with CommX to help share industry-leading research that provides an important point of view for retailers and brands investing in the future.”

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