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Leveraging Customer Lifetime Value Analysis Helps a Healthcare Insurance Firm

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems announces the completion of their recent success story that highlights how they helped a health insurance company to identify high-risk customers across segments

Our approach to customer lifetime value analysis is a combination of advanced micro-segmentation and predictive modeling techniques that can help you predict the value of customers based on purchase behavior, demographics, and transaction data sets. Request a FREE proposal to gain comprehensive insights on how we can help you.

Quantzig’s Customer Lifetime Value Analysis Engagement Overview

Bridging the narrowing gap between customer-centricity and value proposition, we bring innovative customer analytics solutions to the market to help our clients segment their customers into homogenous groups.


According to customer analytics experts at Quantzig, “The growing demand for healthcare insurance services can be attributed to the rise in the aging population and the increasing frequency of chronic diseases across the globe.”

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The fragmented nature of the healthcare insurance market is mainly due to the presence of multiple companies offering a wide array of services at competitive prices. In such a scenario, businesses must focus on retaining existing customers by offering better services. But to identify and capitalize on the opportunities in this market space, businesses must possess a basic understanding of the fundamental forces that are disrupting the healthcare insurance market. Such factors are turning out to be major challenges facing the healthcare insurance market and businesses are leveraging customer lifetime value analysis to identify high-risk customers. With a similar intention, a leading healthcare insurance firm based out of the US approached Quantzig. They wanted to leverage our analytics expertise to devise new strategies to retain customers and examine the value of various customer groups.

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Customer Lifetime Value Analysis Engagement Outcome

  • Leveraged predictive modeling to determine the probability of future medical needs
  • Identified and categorized customers into different groups based on their risk factor

Read the complete success story here:

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