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Linkfluence Launches the Easiest and Fastest Search Engine- The Linkfluence Search


Linkfluence has recently launched Linkfluence Search, which is the easiest search engine concerning brand insights and market trends. Linkfluence is the pioneer in the field of social data intelligence and the company continues its pursuit of innovative products by the launch of its new product Linkfluence Search in its Social Listening Suite. This innovative search engine would provide the brands with the easiest and fastest way to track any benchmark against competitors, new trends and measure their campaigns with just a click of their mouse. Search Social Advertising

Linkfluence has over 15 years of experience in the field of social listening and analysis skill. The company has devised a new way to access historical and live social data by providing the clients access to over 12 months of historical and live data in the net through its innovative search engine. They have now made it possible to access the new influences, trends and buzz from places as far as Shanghai to Paris without any setup or training. The ease of use and immediate result are the major advantages of Linkfluence Search.

You can use Linkfluence Search to gain a live overview of social conversations regarding any keyword, brand or campaign. Now you can compare the social performance of your brand and campaigns with that of your contenders. With Linkfluence Search you can also analyse conversations around any news, trends or topics related to your field. You can export data in your reports and share them with your teams and any stakeholders with this innovative search engine.

The brand can also achieve a summary of key demographic and behavioural trends about their target audience which can effectively improve their marketing and sales strategy. The dashboard view of Linkfluence Search would offer a glance at the job titles, favourite platforms, countries and languages. With just a click of your mouse, you can now monitor the social conversations for any keyword for competitive analysis or market research. All these innovative features make Linkfluence Search the best search engine for the brands.

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