Lippe Taylor Group Joins Worldwide Partners

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Lippe Taylor Group announced it has entered into a partnership agreement with Worldwide Partners (WPI), a global network of independent agencies. Through this partnership, Lippe Taylor Group, including its fully-owned subsidiaries, Lippe Taylor and twelvenote,    will have access to a global network of 75 independent and diversified market services agencies in over 44 countries who support brands across 90 industry verticals.

“Joining  WPI is part of our ongoing strategy to provide a frictionless experience for our clients. It allows us to create impactful campaigns locally, nationally and internationally,” said Lori Rubinson, Chief Client Officer, and the agency’s strategic lead for global expansion. “We’re proud to say that Lippe Taylor Group remains a fiercely independent entity. And now, through this collaboration with WPI, we’re able to scale our geographic reach, knowledge base and capabilities to benefit our clients. We are looking forward to learning from other agencies around the world as well as supporting others in global markets.”

WPI operates as a reverse holding company, where a portfolio of the world’s premier independent agencies owns the network and sets its direction. Agencies scale their footprint and service offerings through complementary capabilities and vertical expertise  Additionally, all partners share a collaborative ethos and an aspiration for growth. Through the network, independent agencies have access to global resources, such as insights and research from other markets, without losing their independence.

“Our unique partnership model allows all members to offer clients powerful local marketing on a global scale,” said John Harris, WPI President and CEO. “Lippe Taylor Group gives us world-class PR and marketing talent in the United States and expanded capabilities in the consumer products, health & wellness, food & nutrition, pharma, biotech, and aesthetics categories.”

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