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Litmus Launches AI Assistant to Empower Captivating Emails For All

Email marketing leader adds intuitive AI functionality to optimize email campaigns at scale

Litmus, a leader in email marketing, today announces the beta launch of Litmus Assistant, a new AI-powered solution that helps marketers create compelling and effective email campaigns faster. Adding to their existing portfolio of AI-driven email personalization capabilities, Litmus Assistant harnesses the power of AI to empower marketers to craft exceptional email experiences at scale. By optimizing email content and ensuring inclusivity, Litmus Assistant gives marketers more time to develop and test innovative email campaign strategies that maximize their email-driven revenue.

Litmus is committed to empowering marketers create exceptional brand experiences with their customers so they can Make Every Send Count. The beta launch of Litmus Assistant is the latest step in this ongoing effort.

Companies that use AI for email marketing can increase their open rates by up to 40% and increase revenue by 13.2% on average, according to reports from Forrester and Statista. With 42% of marketers planning to explore AI and automation as a strategy in 2023, Litmus’ latest AI innovation gives email developers, content creators, and marketing managers a strategic advantage to implement this emerging technology today.

“We believe the possibilities are endless when it comes to how AI will help marketers gain efficiency in their email workflow,” said Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus. “We’re excited for Litmus Assistant to give marketers a competitive edge in crafting compelling campaign content and are focused on delivering additional AI-powered innovations to make it easier to optimize and personalize emails—design, build, test, collaborate, and ultimately deliver incredible audience experiences via high performing email campaigns.”

Litmus Assistant makes email creation easier and faster with features including:

  • subject line generator, which scans email copy and suggests five subject line options, helping marketers identify the option most appealing to subscribers.
  • The tone of voice option, which rewrites email copy in different tones to ensure the message tone aligns with brand voice and best serves the campaign goals.
  • language translator, which ensures every email is inclusive by translating the copy into languages popular with subscribers. Marketers can then easily clone their email project, update the copy and route drafts to stakeholders for review, helping them get error-free emails to market faster.

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