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Litmus Launches new capabilities for inclusive email experience

Email marketing leader adds an intuitive Dark Mode Coding Experience and Visual Impairment Filters

Litmus, a leader in email marketing, announces new Dark Mode Coding Experience and Visual Impairment Filters to provide a more inclusive, accessible email experience for all users. These features empower marketers to send emails with confidence that every subscriber will have the best possible experience.

According to Litmus internal data, 40% of subscribers viewed emails in Dark Mode in 2022, demonstrating the demand for Dark Mode email optimization. With Visual Impairment Filters, marketers can boost email accessibility for all subscribers, including the 350 million people worldwide with color vision deficiency. These capabilities give marketers a glimpse into their subscribers’ experiences to improve their design as they build.

“Email inclusivity and accessibility is always important, but it’s not always easy. Every subscriber has different needs and preferences and there’s no “one size fits all” approach to email design. For email marketers to truly make every send count, they need tools to ensure messages are accessible before they hit send,” said Maida Kasper, VP of Product & Growth at Litmus. “Litmus’ new features offer marketers insight into how recipients see their messages resulting in a better experience for all.”

The Dark Mode Coding Experience and Visual Impairment Filters features empower marketers to:

  • Ensure Dark Mode compatibility: Gain confidence that every email’s Dark Mode experience is defined and easily optimize it as you build.
  • View common color vision deficiency renderings: Preview emails by toggling one of four color vision deficiency filters, efficiently refining email design to ensure accessibility for all subscribers.
  • Consistently adhere to accessibility best practices: Access step-by-step instructions and code resources for optimizing email for Dark Mode and receive a summary of the color vision deficiency experience.

Litmus is committed to providing the best user experience possible and empowering marketers to make every send count. These new features are the latest step in this ongoing effort. For more information on Litmus Dark Mode Coding Experience and Visual Impairment Filters, please visit

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