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LittleBigBrain Invests in Monsterly Creative to Create a Strategic Partnership.

LittleBigBrain, LLC invests in Monsterly Creative, LLC.
AI services

This collaboration of innovative technology and individualized digital design expands both organizations’ client-based solution offerings. LittleBigBrain in now available to provide integrated AI services for Monsterly Creative websites. Likewise, Monsterly Creative is onboard to deliver custom graphics, marketing and UX design to LittleBigBrain clientele.

“LittleBigBrain pushes the limits of AI, but we have an understanding that no company can be successful without people who are passionate about their teams, customers and the community. This partnership with Monsterly Creative is another step in realizing our team culture and growing our market position,” said Kevin Malone, CEO of LittleBigBrain.

With this financial investment, LittleBigBrain solidifies the strategic partnership with Monsterly Creative and now owns a stake in the success of the company. Both companies are excited about what this strategic partnership means and how it will help their clients. “Partnering with LittleBigBrain opens the door to AI services, which allows us the opportunity to serve our customers on a deeper level,” said Michael Adams, CEO of Monsterly Creative.

CTO of LittleBigBrain, John Morad, adds, “We started LittleBigBrain to help companies overcome industry gaps with AI technology adoption. Monsterly Creative provides another channel to overcome initial barriers.”

Monsterly Creative will offer a full range marketing services that include:

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