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LiveRamp Launches Secure & Flexible Data Collaboration Capabilities

New solution strengthens brand, commerce, and publisher partnerships with unprecedented access to partner data in a controlled way Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Ampersand, DISH Media, Snap Inc. and TelevisaUnivision among first users to collaborate

LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP) today introduced a new module for privacy-safe, multi-party collaboration to unlock cross-screen measurement and more on its Data Collaboration platform. The solution is designed for brands, publishers, retailers, platforms and data providers to collaborate with partners across channels. Its capabilities allow an unprecedented balance of control for publishers and data providers, flexibility for brands and retailers, and simplified compliance for all, allowing users to navigate data requirements across partners while maintaining compliance with evolving privacy policies. With this flexibility, LiveRamp customers gain exclusive access to more partner datasets so all parties can increase revenue and enhance customer experiences while maintaining control over their data. More than 20 partners have worked closely with LiveRamp’s new solution over the past year, with early adopters including Ampersand, DISH Media, Snap, Inc., TelevisaUnivision, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, and Pinterest with the Albertsons Media Collective.

Marketing data is fragmented across partner and data environments, making it difficult for businesses to access the holistic insights needed to prove media ROI. The ecosystem must also balance the need to protect consumer data for compliance with all privacy, security and regulatory controls. LiveRamp’s new solution addresses these challenges with a trusted, privacy-first infrastructure that allows multiple parties to work together. Partners can gather and share data from various sources to unlock combined insights. The compilation of sales, audience and campaign data with exposure or other third-party data enables enterprises to attain a comprehensive view of their customer from exposure to purchase, and deliver better customer experiences that respect individuals’ privacy.

Brands Gain Intelligence and Insights While Media and Data Owners Maintain Control

  • “With LiveRamp, we’ve increased the value we’re able to extract from our important publisher relationships with DISH Media and others. The ability to safely and securely access and analyze more data has allowed us to better understand our customers and measure the true impact of our marketing activities. We plan to build upon this success and strengthen more of our media and retail partnerships,” said Joe Keating, Analytics Director at Hill’s Pet Nutrition.
  • “LiveRamp’s solution unlocks further measurement in advanced TV. Brands now have access to measure deduplicated reach across their entire TV investment, all with privacy compliance at its core,” said Justin Rosen, SVP Data & Insights at Ampersand.
  • “We are thrilled to be among the first MVPDs to work with LiveRamp’s clean room solution. DISH Media is consistent in seeking technology, partnerships, and innovations that drive results and move advanced advertising forward,” said Kemal Bokhari, Head of Data, Measurement, and Analytics, DISH Media.
  • “Increasing data collaboration activities with our advertisers is a key priority for Snap as we continue strengthening the value we deliver to partners. Solutions like those provided by LiveRamp can aid us in successfully meeting this demand while ensuring privacy protection & data minimization,” said Christopher Plambeck, Vice President of Marketing Science at Snap, Inc.
  • “As more brands, agencies and publishers adopt clean room resolutions to tackle privacy challenges, it’s critical we find ways to make it more accessible to agencies and advertisers. LiveRamp helps solve this by reducing the complexity of the clean rooms through their suite of market tools in a meaningful way,” said Kent Tseng, VP Product Management, Advanced Advertising at TelevisaUnivision.

Kimberly Bloomston, SVP of Product at LiveRamp, added, “The modern ecosystem demands interoperability, trust and accountability in order to thrive amid a labyrinth of partner requirements and regulatory and technical changes. LiveRamp is meeting this need by enhancing our data collaboration platform with new functionalities that traverse these requirements while supporting growing cloud adoption. Privacy-conscious and configurable, LiveRamp’s solutions are transforming the value of partnerships through an unprecedented value exchange that benefits everyone involved.”

LiveRamp is the data collaboration engine connecting the world’s most innovative companies to a premier global ecosystem. Offering scale, reach and flexibility to collaborate wherever data lives, LiveRamp recently announced support for AWS Clean Rooms and an expanded partnership with Snowflake to help brands and their partners build enduring brand value through collaboration.

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