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LiveVox Introduces Latest Platform Release

LV19 empowers contact center professionals to deliver game-changing customer experiences and drive collaboration and productivity

c create seamless customer journeys, while increasing agent efficiency and impact.

“Leading a contact center is harder than ever – the way customers want to communicate is changing rapidly and managers are under increasing pressure. With LV19, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to helping our clients navigate these challenges,” said John DiLullo, CEO of LiveVox. “This latest release empowers contact center leaders to take control of performance and implement game-changing customer engagement strategies. I’m especially excited about how we are transforming the Agent Experience with intelligent AI and automation and advanced communication and collaboration tools, crucial for creating exceptional customer experiences, especially with remote work being more prevalent.”

LV19 empowers contact center decision-makers to:

  • Discover a new way to understand customers through the LiveVox Happiness Index, displaying conversation sentiment in real time during every customer interaction and also generating a holistic sentiment score across each customer’s full interaction history.
  • Enhance Contact Center collaboration through LiveVox Connect, combining the best elements of collaboration tools across the industry with real-time prioritization to connect staff across the contact center and keep dispersed teams aligned, engaged, and on task.
  • Transform agent efficiency through LiveVox Agent Assist. By leveraging real-time speech analytics, Agent Assist enables real-time call transcripts, automated post-call note summarization, in-conversation assistance, alerts, and more.
  • Ensure increased platform uptime and security through our 100% public cloud platform and enterprise-grade security protocols.

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