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LiveX AI Enhances Amazfit Experience in Zepp Health Partnership

LiveX AI delivers personalized experiences for customers in real time using Google Kubernetes Engine and NVIDIA NIM

LiveX AI, a pioneer in generative AI technology for customer experience, today announced a transformative partnership with Zepp Health Corporation (“Zepp Health”) (NYSE: ZEPP), a global leader in smart wearables and health technology. This partnership aims to redefine the customer experience for visitors to Zepp Health’s Amazfit website. By integrating LiveX AI‘s advanced AI Agent technology into the Amazfit digital platform, this collaboration is set to enhance online customer interaction and engagement significantly.

Zepp Health and LiveX AI partnership marks a leap forward in enhancing the customer journey, from product education and sales through post-purchase support. LiveX AI brings the Multimodal Generative AI Agent approach to the customer experience by providing relevant and immediate customer responses via chat, video, image, and voice. This seamless integration ensures each customer receives personalized, efficient assistance at every touchpoint, revolutionizing the standard for customer experience while significantly reducing operational costs.

Building on this foundation, LiveX AI has utilized cutting-edge technology further to boost the efficiency and responsiveness of its AI Agents. By leveraging the power of NVIDIA NIM inference microservices on Google Kubernetes Engine with NVIDIA GPUs, LiveX AI has achieved a 6.1x increase in average token speed. This enhancement allows LiveX AI to deliver personalized experiences for customers in real time, including seamless customer support, instant product recommendations, and reduced returns, ensuring an even more dynamic and engaging customer interaction process.

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with LiveX AI, integrating their AI smart agent into our website. At Zepp Health, we believe in delivering a personal touch in every customer interaction. LiveX AI brings that ethos to life by providing a seamless and engaging shopping experience for our customers shopping for Amazfit. By embedding LiveX AI, we’re ensuring that every visitor to our website receives personalized assistance tailored to their needs and preferences. From product inquiries to troubleshooting, our AI Agent offers effective and empathetic responses in our brand’s tone and voice, enhancing the overall shopping journey. This partnership marks a significant step in our commitment to providing superior customer service and elevating the online shopping experience for all.” – Wayne Huang, CEO of Zepp Health.

Yujia Li, CEO and co-founder of LiveX AI highlighted the partnership’s impact: ‘Our collaboration with Amazfit exemplifies generative AI’s transformative potential in customer experiences. The LiveX AI Agent is designed to handle and resolve user requests ranging from pre-sales inquiries and sales transactions to support issues and upselling opportunities. Our platform’s advanced capabilities to interact with users in multiple ways redefine customer sales and support standards, offering a personalized and immersive experience that strengthens brand loyalty.”

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