Locafy Announces Brand Boost Launch


Locafy Limited (Nasdaq: LCFY, LCFYW) (“Locafy” or “the Company”), a globally recognized software-as-a-service technology company specializing in local search engine marketing, announced today that it has officially launched Brand Boost, an e-commerce SEO marketing tool that increases brand visibility and drives online product sales for Locafy clients.

Brand Boost is an e-commerce focused search engine marketing tool powered by Locafy that creates national SEO campaigns for brands and products. As Locafy’s first proprietary solution focused on e-commerce marketing, Brand Boost pairs Locafy’s robust backend infrastructure with automated programming to enhance clients’ online commerce revenue growth.

For each campaign, Brand Boost identifies specific audiences and targets them with optimized e-commerce landing pages. These pages help to accurately showcase products through individualized content, including product overview and customer review videos, that increases visitors’ conversion potential and reduces customer acquisition costs. As no internal developers are required to implement or maintain Brand Boost, users can quickly sell through their existing e-commerce operations and see results within weeks.

Over the past seven years, Jimmy Kelley Digital (JKD) founder Jimmy Kelley has successfully trialed a prototype version of Brand Boost with both U.S. and Australian clients. According to the campaign results of several dozen recognized brands and products across multiple marketplaces, clients typically achieved between 20%-60% in monthly product sale increases by using Brand Boost.

As highlighted in the Company’s recent press release dated Sept. 6, 2022, the prototype Brand Boost technology was recently acquired by Locafy with the acquisition of JKD, and has since been incorporated into the Locafy technology stack. With the acquisition complete and the transition of JKD’s paying client base to Locafy, the Company is seeking to expand Brand Boost’s reach moving forward.

“Brand Boost is an important addition to our technology suite as we strive to expand our offering for Locafy clients,” said Locafy CEO Gavin Burnett. “Among our partners, those based in e-commerce consistently respond well to successful search engine marketing strategies. Across both popular e-commerce marketplaces as well as branded web store pages on which Locafy clients’ products are sold, we are confident that Brand Boost will assist in driving increased product sales. We remain committed to providing useful software that optimizes local search for our clients, and are encouraged by the opportunity to continue expanding our range of e-commerce marketing capabilities in the months ahead.”

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