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Local AI Company To Work With State Of Vermont To Help Grow Workforce

Burlington-based Faraday to help optimize marketing and identify people likely to move to the state
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Faraday is pleased to announce a strategic contract with the State of Vermont to use their platform to drive more interest and engagement in people looking to relocate to Vermont. This technology will be used in conjunction with the Vermont Department of Economic Development’s Think Vermont initiative and website, which engage a wide-ranging audience around opportunities to live and work in Vermont.

Faraday, a Burlington-based artificial intelligence (AI) company, will help optimize the department’s marketing efforts. The Faraday platform will be used to develop and deploy machine learning models that identify and reach people with a higher likelihood to relocate to the state, boosting ThinkVermont’s reach and driving engagement with ideal candidates.

“Vermont offers opportunities for a work-life harmony that you won’t find anywhere else,” said Robbie Adler of Faraday. “We’re excited to help more people discover the breadth of what the state has to offer, which we, as Vermonters, are lucky to experience every day.”

“Faraday’s software will help us accurately and directly get our message to those who have shown an interest or affinity for Vermont in a cost-effective way,” said Joan Goldstein of the Department of Economic Development. “The company’s young team and cutting-edge technology actually exemplify ThinkVermont’s purpose — to show that Vermont has long been home to a wide array of innovative companies as well as economic and lifestyle opportunity. We’re thrilled to be working with Faraday as we accelerate our work to illuminate the vibrancy of Vermont.”

About the Agency of Commerce & Community Development
The Agency’s mission is to help Vermonters improve their quality of life and build strong communities. ACCD is comprised of The Department of Economic Development (DED), the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), and the Department of Tourism and Marketing (VDTM).  For more information, visit and

About Faraday
Faraday is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that optimizes consumer outreach and engagement strategies with machine learning and data science. The Faraday platform includes all the ingredients needed to deploy a powerful AI strategy in weeks. Pre-built integrations, consumer data, algorithms, and visualizations are all built-in and supported by Faraday’s PhD-level data science team.

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