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Local Business Owner Officially Launches Original Podcast “The Scrappy Entrepreneur”

Paula Yakubik, Founder of MassMedia Marketing, Advertising and PR Hosts Podcast that Features Insightful Conversations with High-Profile Executives and Entrepreneurs
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Paula Yakubik, founder of MassMedia Marketing, Advertising and PR, today announced the official launch of “The Scrappy Entrepreneur,” a new, original podcast and online community. The Scrappy Entrepreneur is designed to share practical, informative tips and tools from the business trenches to help aspiring entrepreneurs thrive and prosper throughout their professional journey.

The podcast, hosted by Yakubik, features interviews with high-profile executives, thought leaders, experts and seasoned entrepreneurs such as Dan LierKirk ColeKen Goodrich and Mike Chernine who discuss their own pivoting strategies, viewpoints, accomplishments and even epic disruptions and how they overcame them.

Yakubik, who led MassMedia for 23 years, turned her start-up business into an award-winning, multi-million-dollar corporation that has been able to grow despite economic downturns. She recently handed the day to day operations over to Georgeann Pizzi and is now dedicating her time and expertise to business development for the full-service, integrated agency and helping budding entrepreneurs grow their own businesses and achieve success. Through “The Scrappy Entrepreneur,” she has been able to build a community of like-minded professionals who can share invaluable information and ultimately support one another in their quest for success.

“As I searched for my purpose, it became clear to me that helping others realize their own dreams using what I’ve learned in 25 years, would be my path forward. I think the real-world stories about adversity, risky moves and painstaking commitments shared on the podcast and within the online community will be incredibly inspirational,” said Yakubik.

The Scrappy Entrepreneur podcast currently features 10 episodes with new episodes published weekly and is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and Stitcher.




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