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Local Marketing Solutions Group announced the acquisition of the assets of Money Mailer

Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc. Taps Top Franchise Veteran Tom Baber to Lead Newly Acquired Iconic Marketing Brand Money Mailer
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Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc. (LMSG) President and CEO Al Croke announced today the acquisition of the assets of direct marketing company Money Mailer, based in Cypress, CA. LMSG named long-time franchise-operator and board advisor Tom Baber as an investor and company CEO to lead the company on a purpose-driven mission to enable Money Mailer franchisees to help Main Street small and medium businesses quickly recover and thrive in the post COVID-19 economy.

Croke said, “When the opportunity presented itself to take stewardship of this iconic national brand, we were all in. Money Mailer integrates so well with our vision to supply the nation’s local businesses with state-of-the-art marketing solutions to drive revenue growth with a measurable and attractive return on investment. Money Mailer fits perfectly both with our philosophy that the best marketing is local and our belief that the success of small business means everything. Through its extensive franchisee network, Money Mailer targets consumers through direct mail, a proprietary mobile app, and online coupons to deliver special offers right into the consumers’ mailbox, their video screen, or to their smart devices. We are excited to have this great brand, a visionary industry leader in Tom Baber, and all of its great people as part of our LMSG team.”

Tom Baber has been a multi-unit Money Mailer franchisee for 27 years and an IHOP franchise multi-unit owner for 19 years. He has served for three years on the board of directors of the International Franchisee Association and is a partner in Performax Franchisee Advisors.

“It is thrilling to see Money Mailer move up to a higher level of marketing service and expertise,” said Baber. “This is an unprecedented opportunity to serve the consumer. I could not be happier for our franchisees and clients. As part of LMSG, we will now expand our offering of digital, creative, and other marketing tools that already serve our clients well. It’s an exciting time for Money Mailer franchisees and management as we join the expanding LMSG family of companies.”

LMSG contributes to the Money Mailer offering a suite of marketing products selected to target audiences on a hyper-local basis. These services include marketing automation technology, data-driven lead generation and market development, state-of-the-art eCommerce, marketing research, public relations, website development, and a complete range of advertising services including creative, media planning and buying, digital marketing, and video production.

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