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LOCALACT Launches Refreshed Brand Identity & Enhanced Core Offering


LOCALACT, the industry-leading local marketing platform for location data management, local SEO, and local advertising, announced the launch of a refreshed brand identity and enhanced core offering. The platform’s new features and enhancements are designed to help multi-unit brands and franchise systems optimize their local marketing presence and drive more awareness, customers, and bottom-line revenue growth. The core offering of LOCALACT includes:

Location Data Management Platform (LDMP)

The Location Data Management Platform (LDMP) is the heart of LOCALACT, providing a centralized solution for optimizing, managing, and distributing location data. It ensures that your business location data is accurate, consistent, and up to date across all online directories and search engines. LOCALACT’s powerful LDMP synchronizes your data with seamless API integration, saving you valuable time and resources while ensuring your business information is accurate throughout the web wherever customers may find you.

Local SEO

LOCALACT offers a suite of local SEO tools that help franchise brands and multi-unit businesses optimize their online presence for local search. The platform’s SEO tools are designed to increase visibility in local search results, improve rankings, and drive more traffic to your website and location pages. With LOCALACT’s local SEO tools, you can optimize local search performance, maximize visibility, and attract more customers searching for your brand and the products or services you provide.

Local Ads

LOCALACT’s unique Local Media Mix model leverages data, machine learning and campaign automation technology to connect your business with customers at every phase of the buying journey. Local Ads tools allow businesses to target their ideal customers based on location, demographics, interests, behavior and more, creating a more personalized experience for prospective customers. Local Ads will help you drive more awareness, site traffic, leads, phone calls, foot traffic and sales for your business location with ad budgets and creative tailored to every market.

“We understand the challenges that franchise brands and multi-unit businesses face in managing their local presence,” said Alex Porter, CEO. “Our enhanced core offering and upcoming feature releases in LOCALACT are designed specifically to help businesses optimize their local presence, attract more customers, and grow their revenue. Our focus is empowering businesses with technology to activate growth, and LOCALACT remains committed to helping all of our customers generate a positive return on their local marketing and advertising.”

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