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Locus launches new enhancements to its Last Mile Logistics Platform

These enhancements are purpose-built to address industry-specific pain points & unlock greater opportunities in customers' last-mile operations.

Locus – a global last-mile logistics technology company – today announced industry-specific brand new enhancements of its order-to-delivery Last Mile Logistics platform for its growing retail, 3PL, and CEP customer bases. These new features serve to help businesses seamlessly manage all stages of their last-mile operations.

For retail and e-commerce, Locus introduces Delivery Linked Checkout, enabling flexible and convenient delivery options, and advanced routing for seamless returns, whereas ShipFlex automates carrier workflows for optimal pricing and end-to-end visibility across fleets. Cross-fleet Utilization allows efficient fulfillment, while Dark Store Optimization allows retailers to centralize dark store, in-store, and FC fulfillment on a single platform.

To support 3PLs and CEPs, Locus offers Daily Dynamic Optimization for route and capacity allocation, and Dynamic Zone Planning for custom zone clusters. Automated Parcel Sorting ensures the accurate dispatch of orders in minimal time, and Transporter Management brings all transporters onto a single platform for easy order assignment.

“Thanks to Locus’s real-world ready dispatch management platform, we’ve improved our order visibility, optimized our delivery routes, enhanced our communication with rider personnel, and increased our on-time delivery performance, consequently increasing our customer satisfaction in Mexico’s competitive e-commerce market. Locus also helped us scale our business consistently and build brand loyalty,” said Juan Pablo Diaz Rodriguez, Head of Last Mile of Jüsto.

“We’re constantly evolving alongside our customers in ways that give them a competitive edge and the latest updates to our platform are in direct response to their everyday needs,” said Nishith Rastogi, CEO of Locus. “Our solutions have already reduced dispatch planning time by 75%, minimized sorting time by 60%, and slashed 25% in operational costs for both industries, and we still see many opportunities ahead.”

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