Logicbroker and Kibo Commerce Partner


Logicbroker, the leading Supply Chain Experience Management eCommerce platform and a leading provider of advanced drop ship, marketplace, and B2B supply chain visibility solutions, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Kibo Commerce, the only modular commerce platform that spans order management, eCommerce, and subscriptions solutions.

This collaboration will enable retailers and brands to efficiently expand their assortment via all B2B and D2C eCommerce models including drop ship, marketplace, and supply chain visibility. By leveraging the powerful synergies between Logicbroker’s platform, which delivers a 547% ROI and reduces your organization’s FTE requirements, and Kibo Commerce, a recognized leader in commerce and order management, both organizations will provide unique visibility, growth, and empowerment tools for merchants.

“We are excited to welcome Kibo to the Logicbroker network,” Brian Schmidt, Logicbroker’s COO, said. “Our network spans every vertical and is designed to solve complex retail and eCommerce challenges. With Kibo at our side, I am confident that we can not only help organizations continue to scale but also provide more advanced functionality and visibility to maximize customer experience management.”

Seamless Commerce Experiences

Kibo Commerce empowers businesses to create seamless, engaging shopping experiences across all channels, driving revenue and customer satisfaction. With 68% of adult shoppers wanting retailers to show in-store product availability on their websites, Kibo Commerce addresses this demand by enabling customers to search and filter by inventory in stock at their location of choice and facilitating a choice of fulfillment options on the product detail page.

Notably, joint customers like Ace Hardware and Boscov’s have already harnessed the power of the Logicbroker and Kibo Commerce partnership. For example, Ace Hardware has seen a 279% increase in digital revenue growth in one year, while Boscov’s has seen a 40% in-store upsell rate on BOPIS purchases.

On average, Kibo Commerce clients experience 200%+ digital revenue growth in one year and outperform industry conversion rates by 57%, all while seeing 42% cost savings from deployment.

Key strategic benefits of working with Kibo Commerce and Logicbroker include:

Scalable Growth: Kibo Commerce’s agile platform and Logicbroker’s supply chain visibility solutions enable rapid business scaling while maintaining control over operations.

Streamlined Operations: Integrating Kibo Commerce’s omnichannel capabilities with Logicbroker’s drop ship marketplace streamlines supply chain operations, order management, and fulfillment processes.

Enhanced Customer Experience: The partnership enables a seamless shopping experience across all channels, driving customer loyalty and repeat business.

Expanded Assortment: Access to an extensive network of suppliers and a robust drop ship marketplace allows for quick expansion of product offerings.

“Kibo is excited to join forces with Logicbroker to help retailers and brands expand their omnichannel commerce strategies, drive impactful business results and gain more visibility across the supply chain to drive operational efficiencies,” said Vinesh Vis, CRO of Kibo. “By combining our unified commerce platform with Logicbroker’s eCommerce fulfillment expertise, we are creating a unified ecosystem that enables businesses to achieve agility, scalability, and profitability. Together, we are empowering our customers to thrive in the competitive world of eCommerce.”

For more information about the strategic partnership between Logicbroker and Kibo Commerce and how it can help large retailers and brands enhance their eCommerce capabilities, contact

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