Logie’s AI Enhances Prime Day Influencer Campaigns for Brands


Logie today announced a suite of new AI tools poised to transform brand-influencer partnerships just in time for Amazon Prime Day. With tiered packages to support eCommerce brands of all sizes, Logie’s advanced AI technology and transaction automation shape the future of technology-enabled social marketing relationships.

Connecting brands with the perfect influencer partners has traditionally been a time-consuming and inefficient process. Brand owners typically conduct manual searching on influencer marketplaces and spend a lot of time on back-and-forth negotiation.’s intelligent solution eliminates these hurdles by leveraging the power of AI to analyze vast amounts of data and identify the most relevant influencers for each brand. This ensures brands are matched with creators who have just the right audience, brand affinity, and content style to deliver impactful campaigns, relieving brand owners from the tedious process of manual searching and negotiation.

This powerful strategy—and the technology behind it—has seen the relatively young company win the recognition of industry leaders. Last year, Logie was offered to exhibit at the top annual retail conference in the world (2023 Retail’s Big Show). The trendsetting New York-based startup has also been selected as an Amazon Ads Verified Partner, a TikTok Shops Creator Agency Partner, and the Nvidia Inception Accelerator.

Beyond streamlining brand-influencer connections, empowers creators with access to serious brand collaborations within their niche. This eliminates the tedious task of cold-pitching and allows them to focus on what they do best – crafting engaging content that resonates with their audience. Furthermore,’s commission-based structure incentivizes creators by directly linking their content creation with successful sales, inspiring them with the potential to grow and succeed.

With the 2024 Amazon Prime Day just around the corner, it’s easy to see why this AI influencer marketing innovator is causing ripples in the industry. “Social commerce is experiencing explosive growth, with a projected market value exceeding $890 billion by 2025. Our company was founded by technology leaders with years of experience in eCommerce marketing. We have seen great things happen within the 16+ months that our company has supported brands and influencers through AI and data analytics. Our partner brands have improved their bottom line while getting a better feel of what works for them, while Logie influencers get ready connections with niche brands and the tools they need to support their growth. While our team has been focused on the US market right now, our top leadership is already in talks with investors to see how we can expand our technology to integrate with more eCommerce marketplaces and deploy to regional markets in the coming months and years,” said Tanya Breus, Logie’s Business Development Executive.

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