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Logiq Launches New Audio Digital Marketing Channel

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Logiq, Inc. (NEO: LGIQ) (OTCQX: LGIQ), a global provider of award-winning e-commerce and fintech solutions, has launched a new audio digital marketing channel on its Logiq Digital Marketing™ (LDM) platform.

Now in addition to web, mobile and Connected TV, digital marketing agencies and brands can now use LDM to add audio-based advertising to their overall multi-channel e-commerce marketing campaigns, such as for digital radio and podcasts.

The rapid increase of consumer engagement across auditory mediums has made audio now a tier-1 marketing channel. Audio allows advertisers to reach audiences that are hands-free and on the go, whether exercising or on their daily commute, or just working around the house.

These many benefits are driving increasing demand in digital audio advertising. According to eMarketer, U.S. podcast advertising alone will surpass $1 billion this year and then double to $2 billion by 2023. In Carat’s 2021 media trends report, audio was cited as among this year’s hottest media trends.

With this release, LDM clients will benefit from:

  • Advertising access across premium audio media providers, including Spotify, Soundcloud and TuneIn.
  • Bulk uploading their audio ads to reduce campaign setup time and costs.
  • Execute with common .mp3 or.ogg ad formats in 15 or 30 second durations.
  • LDM’s compliance with the Internet Advertising Bureau’s VAST (video ad supported template) for clickthru tracking, ad duration, and adjusting audio bit rate. (IAB’s VAST committee represents 180 member companies who have agreed upon interoperability standards for this channel of digital media.)

LDM was purpose-built for both agencies and in-house marketing teams. LDM is based on proprietary technology Logiq acquired in March of this year. The technology was rapidly integrated into Logiq’s operations and made available for new clients to launch their e-commerce marketing campaigns.

More than 10 agencies are already contracted with LDM and ramping up their media buying programs for the many brands they represent. LDM enables these agencies as well as in-house marketing teams to strategize and execute more powerful and cost-effective e-commerce marketing campaigns. By making this platform available through an easy-to-use dashboard, LDM also enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to more effectively compete against competitors of any size.

“Logiq Digital Marketing is an incredibly powerful platform and we’re extremely excited to be partnered with Logiq,” stated Jeromy Sonne, CEO & co-founder of Decibel. “They have built a robust technology stack and provide truly world class support.”

“Audio is a critical marketing channel for the brands we serve and we are excited to be part of this launch,” added Sonne. “Using LDM, we have an unprecedented level of insight and transparency that will allow us to take actionable steps to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients at Decibel. We look forward to taking our partnership with Logiq to the next level.”

LDM’s division president, Manny Puentes, commented: “Our digital marketing platform was designed to easily add and further enhance new marketing channels like audio as demand for such channels develops. This enables our digital marketing partners to be nimble and responsive, and build campaigns that deliver unmatched value and powerful results. We believe these many benefits, and more, make our LDM offering unique compared to other e-commerce marketing platforms.”

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