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Long Island Web Design Agency BOWEN Celebrates 15 Years of Success

Agency Propels Growth of Partners Through Innovation and Creative Strategy
digital marketing agency BOWEN

Long Island-based web design and digital marketing agency BOWEN is proud to celebrate 15 years of successful service in 2019. Headquartered in Garden City Park, BOWEN has provided custom web design, SEO, brand identity, creative strategy, and digital marketing services to companies and institutions throughout the country since 2004.

“For 15 years now, we’ve specialized in staying ahead of the ever-changing curve in technology to ensure success and growth for our clients in this hyper-connected, digital age,” BOWEN Founder and CEO Dan Bowen said. “Our purpose is to connect and positively impact humans through creativity, technology, and stunning brand experiences. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished over the past decade and a half. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our clients and us.”

Since the company’s inception in 2004, BOWEN has won numerous awards and has provided services to over 600 clients throughout the country – in fields ranging from B2B and B2C to non-profit, law firms, real estate, and many others.

“BOWEN works across all verticals and mediums to craft impactful brands, custom websites, and experiences for a connected world,” Bowen says. “We take great pride in working collaboratively with a wide range of clients to develop this meaningful, engaging content, giving them the skills needed to innovate and evolve in the modern business environment.”

Some of BOWEN’s recent clients include:

  • Let There Be Neon, the prevailing creator and international supplier of custom neon art.
  • AAA Northeast Connections, the regional chapter of this nationally-known automotive assistance association.
  • Roux Associates, an industry-leading environmental consulting and management firm.
  • Meyer Suozzi, one of the most distinguished law firms in the United States.
  • The New York Leadership Academy, an institute dedicated to building exceptional leaders from the schoolhouse to the statehouse.
  • Family Residences and Essential Enterprises (FREE), a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering over 4,000 individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, mental illness, and traumatic brain injury.

The BOWEN staff includes a full team of passionate innovators, designers, self-starters, and producers, lead by Founder and CEO Dan Bowen and President Natalie Bowen.

“Our gifted staff is at the heart of our success,” BOWEN President Natalie Bowen says. “We’re endlessly curious, creatively-inspired, and strategically-minded. Our ongoing drive is fueled by a desire to hone our hard-earned expertise, create rewarding client experiences, and to perfect our craft.”

BOWEN offers opportunities for partnerships with ongoing support, project-based, and consulting-style plans. For pricing information, please visit https://www.bowenmedia.com/pricing.

To learn more about the opportunities BOWEN can provide, visit https://www.bowenmedia.com/contact or email hello@bowenmedia.com.

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