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LTD Financial Services, L.P.; Strategically Partners with

Conversational Voice AI Leader enables LTD Financial Services, L.P.'s seamless transition from legacy processes to fully compliant end-to-end call automation, unlocking unprecedented scale and reach., the leading Conversational Voice AI solution provider in the ARM industry, announced its strategic partnership with LTD Financial Services L.P. (LTD), a Texas-based collection agency with a 30-year history in the industry. The partnership strengthens LTD’s collection process by accelerating revenue recovery and improving its overall collection efficiency.

The partnership builds upon the ongoing wide-scale adoption of new technologies like Conversational Voice AI in the ARM industry to improve legacy collection systems and address agent challenges. With’s Conversational Voice AI solution, LTD aims to do the same and overcome bottlenecks created by skilled agent shortage and ballooning agent costs, enabling them to scale the continuous development and growth they have witnessed over the years in a challenging market.

“Our partnership with has transformed the capacity of our agency. By blending’s solution into our present technology, we are increasing our outreach, our Right Party Contacts, and most importantly, penetrating deeper into our portfolio to return more revenue to our clients,” said David John, CEO and President of LTD Financial Services, L.P.’s compliant, configurable, and easy-to-deploy voice intelligence platform offers numerous benefits to LTD, including low initial and running expenses, rapid deployment, and processing of previously cost-prohibitive accounts. The solution is designed to improve critical areas like connect rate and provide segmentation data by capturing dispositions like RPC/WPC, Promise to Pay, and Debt Negotiation.

“With LTD, we achieved 100% account penetration at 1/4th the cost, removing the bottleneck of skilled agent scarcity. We are confident that this partnership with LTD is setting a benchmark in the ARM industry, demonstrating how our technology can achieve exceptional results,” remarked Sourabh Gupta, Founder and CEO of

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