LTK launches launch of Buy Now with LTK Cart

Buy Now with LTK Cart’ Technology is Now Also Available for Integration Directly on Shopify App Store

LTK, the platform that powers Creator Commerce™, is strengthening its proven creator-powered e-Commerce marketplace with the launch of Buy Now with LTK Cart. In the last 12 months, consumers have purchased more than $4B in products from creators on the LTK shopping platform, and with this launch, LTK is deepening its e-Commerce integration with merchants for creators to deliver a seamless shopping experience for their community. The in-app cart and checkout experience delivers a faster discovery-to-purchase flow for shoppers, reducing friction and helping drive higher conversion rates for creators and brand, retail and manufacturer partners.

Additionally, the LTK custom-built Buy Now with LTK Cart technology is now available for all brands on Shopify on the Shopify App Store. As part of this offering, brands on Shopify can fast track integration into the LTK platform and quickly scale their distribution through the booming, creator-guided shopping experience. Various brands have already integrated Buy Now on LTK – including Lucchese Bootmaker, Misa Los Angeles, Buffbunny, Peixoto and Roe Wellness.

Modern shoppers expect personalized, efficient and safe shopping with authentic products and LTK is designed to deliver on those expectations. The launch of Buy Now with LTK Cart means consumers have the ability to directly and securely purchase multiple products from brands and retailers, recommended by the creators they follow and trust – all without ever leaving the LTK shopping app.

The LTK Creators’ experience remains the same – they don’t have to hold any inventory or ship products to consumers, but can now deliver a more efficient shopping experience to their community right on their own LTK Shops. Having an LTK Shop enables creators to build and future-proof their businesses with a digital storefront that connects with thousands of retailers. It’s creators’ one-stop destination for their community to shop their personalized and shoppable content – from across all major social media platforms.

“LTK’s Creator Commerce platform provides the e-commerce software for creators, like myself, to build modern retail empires- helping us collect, retain, nurture and grow our communities on a purpose-built, creator-first platform,” said Amber Venz Box, Co-founder and President of LTK and content creator. “Growing shopping capabilities on the LTK platform will be key to boosting creators’ digital sales over the coming years.”

According to a national shopper study conducted by LTK, an impressive 73% of Gen Z, 69% of Millennials, and 57% of the general population are already making purchases from creators. LTK’s launch of Buy Now with LTK Cart is streamlining the purchasing process, to further fuel adoption.

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